Oblivion: Best Replay Value EVER!

From reading my other posts you will quickly discern that I am a huge Elder Scrolls fan.  I wasn’t always this way, before I stumbled upon the game Morrowind I was into D&D as a tabletop game and only Final Fantasy seemed to have a plot interesting enough to grasp my short attention span.  When I played Morrowind for the first time my head nearly exploded.  A game like D&D where you can go anywhere and do anything you want?  How fucking cool is that?  I played Morrowind for sometimes days at a time with little time in between to eat and sleep.  Let’s just say that Elder Scrolls games are like my World of Warcraft.

Oblivion was a step up with better graphics, voice actors, and MORE QUESTS!  I have played through Oblivion both on the PC and Xbox 360 about 6 times.  Not one of those times did I beat the actual main quest, I got right up to the end and then quit.  Why did I quit?  Life probably happened and I forgot about that character.  By the time I returned I had forgotten what quest they were on and why I had created this breed of adventurer and dozens of other questions.  Plus I would yearn to create an entirely new race, class, and different skill set to see what the game was like through a new set of eyes.

I have to say, it really is quite different playing the game as a powerful argonian mage who becomes the new leader of the guild and rules the land, a dark elf who works her way up to serving directly under the great evil goddess and ordering assassinations of powerful individuals each night, a thief so skilled that he could steal the crown clean off a king’s head, and a spell-sword elf who loves the swashbuckling life and mostly hangs out with sailors and pirates in between seeking out buried treasure and bar room brawls.

This week I was blessed by my whip cracking employer with a few days of vacation in addition to my normal few days off for the holiday season.  Along with pumping out a few assignments for my web development business and a new venture, I dove back into Oblivion!  I have never once played a warrior type so I decided to give it my all and created a huge burly Orc warrior.

I made a custom class which I named War Captain, dreaming of him one day becoming the Captain of the City Guard and then leading armies into war as the lord of an army.  I decided that unlike all my other characters, this Orc brute would uphold the law of the land and not break the rules unless it meant crushing skulls of necromancers or other evil npcs in the wilderness.  Sometimes in a medieval world, justice must be dealt by the mighty when the nearest city guard is miles away.

My Orc has turned out well.  The first thing I like about playing a strong warrior is that battles are a LOT easier than they were with the rogue type or multi-class characters.  I have a huge hammer and I beat the shit out of the enemy, it’s that simple.  I have found after playing the warrior for awhile that I really do miss my roguish ways.  The reason the rogue has always been my favored class is the ease with which they slip into buildings unnoticed, eavesdrop precious information, accidentally drop valuable magical items into their backpack, or backstab the unknowing guardian of the treasure trove.  As a rogue I had access to a HUGE amount of magical items very early in the game because of these abilities.  I’m finding with the warrior it takes a lot more detective work and conversation to get what I need.  This is fine with me though since now I can work on some of these and other skills I have never tried before like Speechcraft, Mercantile, Blocking, Blunt, and Heavy Armor.

My Orc is coming along just fine, at level 5 and wielding a magical scepter or sword and I have a helm which I found in the ocean which gives me constant Night Eye and Water Breathing.  If you want to get this item it’s just to the west of the tiny island off the west coast of Anvil.  It’s on a skeleton next to the first underwater rock outcropping.  It’s a green helm and is very valuable as well as powerful!

Another easy way to get items early in the game is to speak to Janseen in the Market District then wait outside the Copious Coinpurse until 8pm, follow Thoromir for a minute, then go to the garden in Market District next to the sewer entrance.  Wait until 11:25pm and hide in bushes.  Wait for the 2 men and creep around.  Wait until they start talking, after the conversation follow the tall man to his home.  Hide outside his home until he leaves.  Break in and steal the journal downstairs in the cellar.  Take this to the Copious Coinpurse and show to Thoromir.  Then go to the graveyard in town, find the entrance to tomb unlocked.  Be ready for a hard fight.  Go inside and kill the 2 men, take all their goodies including the 2 magical items.  Next look at each sarcophogus, jumping in the air to see behind them.  One of them has a magical scepter which is really powerful for starting characters.  There you go!

Enjoy your replay of Oblivion, I’m off to slay Daedra!  Wish me luck!

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