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OPEN LEGEND is Taking the RPG World by Storm
New open genre, open source, streamlined game system to tell epic tales & companion campaign setting by legendary storytellers whose including Ed GreenwoodMatthew Mercer is fully funded on Kickstarter in 2 1/2 hours, currently 550% funded!


Today, Seventh Sphere Publishing, LLC announced that Open Legend, their new open genre tabletop roleplaying game (or RPG) with companion campaign setting of Amaurea’s Dawn (which transports players from the grimy gear and cog city of Schlectenberg to a savage jungle world via a magical portal between the worlds), was fully funded on Kickstarter in 2 1/2 hours, currently over 550% funded with 24 days still to go!

Open Legend has been featured in many major media outlets. Check out the links below for game play, reviews, blogs, and interviews:
Geek & Sundry (Web / Twitch), Critical Role (Twitch), (Web), Hyper RPG(Twitch), DawnforgedCast (YouTube), Nerdarchy (YouTube), The RPG Academy(Podcast), and many more as Open Legend receives aa enthusiastic welcome into the tabletop RPG community.  And Ed Greenwood has this to say about the system:

“In this gaming world of more rule sets than any gamer can keep track of, any new addition had better be pretty special, and this one IS! Open Legend is worth your time to look at because it’s so versatile. It elegantly spans many genres… the creators of Open Legend are demonstrating this with a setting of Amaurea’s Dawn”

View the rest of Ed Greenwood’s overview of the story and system at:

Open Genre. “We’ve created a system that rewards creativity and strategy without the strenuous bookkeeping of bulkier systems, but with all the epic high points you’d expect when the dice tumble unexpectedly and explode in glorious triumph or untimely disaster. Open Legend gives you all the tools to play that character you’ve dreamt of but couldn’t find the right expansion book for while also seamlessly working with tried and true character archetypes” said Open Legend’s creator, Brian Feister.  “We designed Open Legend for all genres, so the core rules are compatible with any setting. The mechanics focus on resulting effects rather than causes, allowing you to explain the cause in a way that tells the most satisfying story at your table. Struggle for survival in a post-apocalyptic zombie wasteland, or soar amidst the clouds on your crystal-powered airship in a steampunk-inspired campaign, or explore an alien-infested space station abandoned at the edge of the universe. The possibilities are endless.”

Open Narrative. The rules respond and react to your narrative, not the other way around. You can get deep into the strategy but have the freedom to shape many stories from each combination of character attributes and feats. “It’s not the first time a classless system has been attempted, but we believe that both the strategy of character development and the storytelling of freeform roleplay compliment each other” says Feister.  “So we’ve merged the two in a fresh way that (after thorough testing) has proven very rewarding to veterans and newcomers alike.”

Open Dice. In Open Legend, dice EXPLODE! So maximum dice rolls,  get re-rolled and added to your total, ad infinitum. The volatile nature of dice rolling and a substantial pool of different dice types makes every roll count and the tides can turn at a moment’s notice, for better or worse.

Open Source. That’s right. The core rules are written with accommodation for free use in commercial and noncommercial 3rd Party publications. That means anyone can publish their own adventures, rules supplements, and more. Open Legend’s community site of over 140 active users highlights player already building unexpected additions to Open Legend!  And the core rules are available for free on Planned for release within the next week is their brand new community license for even greater freedom and a hassle-free publishing experience for 3rd Party Publishers.

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