Orion Trail

orion trail 1The halcyon days of Oregon Trail’s rattlesnake bites and river crossings may have faded into the past, but you can take your wagon into SPACE with the Orion Trail Kickstarter!

This PC science fiction space adventure finishes its funding on Kickstarter at midnight on this Thursday March 12th and any fans of Star Trek, Maniac Mansion, Oregon Trail, or even Galaxy Quest owe it to themselves to try out the free demo and consider pledging to the project!

Cosmic Awesome
The full game is jam packed with cosmic weirdness, warp weasels, space dysentery, and all the other hazards that the frontier of the great beyond has to offer, beautifully played out through dynamic encounters that interact with decisions made earlier (and later on) in the voyage.

Old School Graphics with New School Twists
Interactive gameplay aside, the style of art throughout Orion’s Trail is indicative of the quirky, fun experiences that await anyone brave enough to venture into the stars.

Away Missions
The game’s demo only outlines the larger side of the game, but the finished version has an entirely different element of gameplay to it: beaming down to the surface of planets with redshirts in tow for exciting mi-encounters!

Pledge Levels
The game (during the Kickstarter!) is only $10, but for there are $20 pledge levels for music lovers and early access gamers alike. For $25 you’ll get a bevy of products from Schell Games (along with early access to Orion Trail) and then the good stuff starts—becoming part of the game or its development ($50, $125, $250, $500, $1,000), or snagging sweet physical rewards like a cosmic frontiersman shirt with an insignia to let aliens know: you mean business ($75 Redshirt, $250 Officer, $500 Captain).

Blazing Orion Trail
To read more about Orion Trail check out the articles written about it on Kickstart Ventures, Game Jolt, or even PC Gamer—don’t just let them be the judge and TRY IT OUT and pledge to the project now!

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