Osama bin Laden’s death faked by U.S.?

Yes, another wonderful lie about Osama bin Laden.  Just like when we let him escape into the mountains in Afghanistan and were told he “got away”. (I have friends who were in the military whom were told to let him go).

I don’t partake in cable television so when I awoke today and was told Osama was dead I had to do some investigation for myself.  When greeted with the phrase “the body was buried at sea according to Muslim laws” I freaked out!  What?  Whose laws?  If we’re talking about Afghanistan the only government in existence there is a government the US installed themselves and thus are not bound by any laws they created.  On top of that, wouldn’t the US want to bring him back to question (a.k.a- torture) for information?  I guess that would be bad because then all the ties between the Bin Laden and Bush families would be exposed and we would find out that these 2 wars were fabricated based on an attack on the US that was allowed to happen in order to facilitate public backing of both those wasteful conflicts.  No these aren’t conspiracy theories, just intellectual insights with conclusions based on thought control practices now in operation by mainstream media which luckily I am no longer being subjected.

On top of this we were presented with a photograph of a dead Osama Bin Laden which was released by 5 UK Newspapers.  Well my friends… this is an obvious fake.

Take a look for yourself:

Shame on you USA.  I would like to state for the record that this article is most definitely an opinion article so feel free to comment, bash it, support it, speak your mind.  Unlike the USA I won’t call you a terrorist for looking at political issues with scrutiny.  All I want is truth, liberty, justice, and freedom.  We are not the world police nor should we be involved in toppling foreign governments.  Our government is supposed to be WE THE PEOPLE not US and THEM.
OK, I’m climbing off my soapbox… but before I do- any rotten tomatoes?

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