Look Out Pax, Here We Come

It’s finally here! The glorious bastion of nerddom that we call PAX. One of the few dedicated events to honor my beloved pastime of splattering peoples’ brain in multiplayer FPS fun. Now, that’s not to say that all I do is play FPS games.

I stretch across a wide spectrum of gaming to serve all of my gaming needs. And, that’s what makes PAX even more fun. I get to roam around and see the hot new titles coming out from sure to be blockbusters likeAssassins CreedUnchartedModern Warfare 3, and too many more to list. But PAX also gives love to smaller indie developers, and I was shocked to see how many emails we, at Nerdtrek, received from these indie devs asking us if we would like to demo their up and coming titles.

For any of you out there that either don’t know what PAX is or haven’t yet gone for whatever reason, beg, borrow, steal your way into it. The jail time will be worth it.  I have had the pleasure of attending PAX for several years now, and it keeps getting bigger and better year after year. The boys at Penny Arcade are truly doing the industry a service with PAX.

Unlike E3, PAX is completely geared for gamers, not the douche bag executives that think they know what gamers want to play, and therefore, what you will see on said executives’ store shelves come fall. Also, PAX doesn’t limit itself to console or PC games, you can also see new and exciting additions to table top gaming likeWarhammer, and card games like Magic.

As usual, there will be heavy hitters like David Jaffe and Wil Wheaton giving speeches and meeting people, but don’t forget to get into the Penny Arcade Q&A if you can find a seat.

My next batch of posts on Nerdtrek will be all e-reports from the front lines of PAX. Rest assured I will be giving the same no bullshit reviews as I always give. I won’t let you guys down by writing fluffy bunny crap in an attempt to get in the good graces of anybody. I can’t wait to get my hands on Modern Warfare 3! (Oops, there I go again with the brain splattering.)


Perreault out

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