PAX Prime 2011 – Day 2

Day 2

6 am came early. Waking up after getting to bed just five hours earlier was difficult. The amount of fun I had the day before helped to welcome the morning sun a little easier. I looked over and realized that my camera wasn’t plugged in. Did it come unplugged during the night? No, I just forgot to plug it in again! It’s my main job and I dropped the ball, again.

We got into the car and I started driving to the convention center. I made Joe hold my camera while the car charged it. We showed up early and waited to get in. We updated Jonathan on what happened the day before since he missed it.

Our Editor-in-chief Jonathan was able to make it Day 2. My excitement was hardly containable on what we were about to do. We had dedicated time to play Skyrim. I talked with Pete Hines, the VP of Marketing for Bethesda and he gave me great insight to what I might expect on Skyrim. Our 3pm appointment could not come soon enough! But until then, we had a job to do and other tasks were pressing.



We went to some of our morning meetings. I told Jonathan the word of the day was “linear.” He asked why and I explained. It seems that a lot of games aren’t “open world” enough for some gamers. This creates a game experience that is too guided and “LINEAR” for some. He laughed and we pay attention to the “how to build our own RPG” panel. I got great notes but Jonathan kept laughing because we heard the word linear used about thirty times in less than a minute. At least we got some great info.

While Jonathan and I were at the RPG panel, Perreault and Loveless were filming the GuildWars2 panel. We left our panel a little early and headed back to the main floor at the convention center. I had to take pictures of all the Cosplayers I could find. My camera still held a charge at this point. Lucky! Cosplay is the coolest!



The next task after lunch was to hit the Bethesda booth. I got to play Skyrim! Son, yes IT IS SICK! The smooth movement during game play and the attention to detail blew me away. I did everything I could to not look like a six year old on Christmas day. Choosing a character was not my focus for my first time, I just wanted to play. I will set up a custom character when I get my copy on 11/11/11. I died within the first two minutes. I pick pocketed a lady in the first town I went to. After I picked her pocket, I was caught and the entire town came after me. I had no chance of survival.

The gentleman next to me fared far better than I did. He set fire to everything in his path with both hands casting fire spells. A rabbit walked up and he set it on fire! Burn bunny burn! We were originally supposed to have just an hour shared between the four of us to test Skyrim. Since other people got caught up with the panels and weren’t able to show, we took full advantage of the opportunity. Loveless interviewed the developers in what seemed like an interrogation. I was heartbroken to hear that there won’t be any bananas in the game. But you never know what Easter Eggs will be included! Jonathan got to play for about hour and forty-five minutes before he got booted from his game. The hour that I had was fun, but fueled my anticipation of the release date. I can’t wait! Well I can, I just don’t want too!

I made three trips to the car throughout the day in order to drop off all the swag we were accumulating for our readers. On the drive home we laughed and joked about everything we saw, but we have to get back to business. Jonathan promised ArenaNet that we would have the video from the GuildWars2 panel up before he went to sleep. Jonathan, Loveless, and Perreault had a lot of work to do late into the night. All that I needed to do was plug in the camera to charge…

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