PAX Prime 2011 – Day 3

PAX 2011 – Day 3

The morning came early. Our team successfully uploaded the GuildWars2 panel videos but it was a late night. We were all tired but had to push forward. We still had a lot of interviews ahead of us. I looked down and saw that the camera wasn’t plugged in, once again. I knew I would never hear the end of it.

The day started off slowly. My legs ached from all the walking over the previous couple days. The shower didn’t seem strong enough to push the sleep from my brain. Loveless and I started out the day by finding the booth of a company we had to cancel on previously. It was impossible to make it to every appointment on time when the booths were so spread out.

Night Owl Games were gracious in accepting our cancellation on day 2 so we wanted to make it up to them by following through with an interview. We found their booth and learned as much as we could. They make Dungeon Overlord, which is a free to play Facebook MMO. Going into PAX we were skeptical of free Facebook MMOs, but I have to say that we were really impressed.

After I saw the ins and outs, I was surprised this MMO was a FREE game! It seems like so much more than the typical free MMO on Facebook. Be sure to check out the upcoming interview, here on NERD TREK!



Halo Fest was our next destination. Were we able to acquire more free stuff for our readers? Yes! But it wasn’t the free stuff that got my attention.

Gamers Outreach blew me away! They are a charity group that gives support to our Veterans and members in service. They take donations of video games and money so that soldiers can take their minds off of a tough situation and just have some time to play.  We immediately started to brainstorm ideas on how to help their cause.  Keep your eyes peeled for more info on GAMERS OUTREACH.

Loveless and I went to the tabletop games section. Some of the coolest travel cases I’d ever seen caught my eye!  Its not just eye candy either. The Gaming and Entertainment Mobile System looks great!

This convenient case protects your gaming system while you travel and has a built in LED screen. It’s quite the gamers’ dream. I now know what will be at the top of my Christmas list. Learn more about it later, I’ll post an upcoming article about it soon.



 We wiped the drool from our chins and moved on to other vendors. Loveless and I stopped by the Greenlake Games booth to visit with Phil Lacefield and see the much talked about Metal dice (IronDie article here!). There were all kinds of wears for sale at this booth, including the Metal dice, Magic cards, and jewelry.

Arin’s Designs make necklaces and earrings out of your favorite dice. D20s, D12s, D6s, all different kinds. I bombarded Arin with questions and ended up going home with a nice little D20 necklace. Loveless bought his wife some earrings that she ended up loving. Well worth the time spent.

Firefall, the FREE online multiplayer FPS is just amazing! I still can’t believe it is free! You’ll be able to download and play this massive game that is a lot of fun and not have to pay for it. The guys were super nice and informative. They also hooked us up with a ton of cool swag for our readers. You’ll be seeing an interview by Jonathan on Firefall soon.

We got to interview SRRN Games this year. What a cool group of guys! Their team was created from their love of app based games fortablets and phones, but they’re also fans of tomfoolery at its best. Our interview was a blast! I’ll be posting information on both their games; Monster School and Archibald and Remus: Minor Lords…

Just when I thought the day couldn’t get any better, I learned who Wil Wheaton was. If you haven’t seen my one question interview with Wil, you have to go read it! Click here: Decoding the Big Bang – Who is Wil Wheaton?

Our time at PAX was over as quick as it began. We’ve all been working hard to get information out since and we hope you enjoy our articles! Keep checking for updates and new information! Just don’t count on me to charge a camera…

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