What PAX means to me (and fellow nerds as well)

PAX is a no holds barred celebration of one of my favorite past times, gaming. Sure, there are other things to do at PAX, other than gawking at the newest and hottest games that will be gracing our store shelves and hopefully our personal libraries. But, it’s all about the games, for me. This will be my fifth consecutive year of attending our annual gaming mecca, and I can honestly say that I get just as excited as the first time I went. The boys over at Penny Arcade have truly done us (gamers) a tremendous service by hosting this festival of nerddom for all to relish! It amazes me to see PAX grow in size and depth, year after year. I’m beginning to think that it won’t be long before PAX gives E3 a run for its money.

It’s obvious that developers take PAX seriously enough to spend big money on their booths, advertising, and pro gamers to demo their upcoming titles. Thinking back to last year, I saw members of the Frag Dolls demoing Assassins Creed Brotherhood. Swoozy (another pro gamer) was demoing sports titles, and other pros were making the rounds talking to people and just soaking up the experience. Having access to such a cool event year after year is awesome, to put it lightly. Consider this, PAX is so big now that they have PAX East in Boston for those that can’t make the journey to Seattle! For those non-console gamers, PAX has tabletop and card game love to share, as well; magic tourneys, Warhammer tourneys, D&D love, you name it. So, it really is for anyone involved in nerd culture. Hey, remember when nerd was a dirty word? Not anymore bitches!! Nerds are here to stay!

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