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So you can believe me when I say this is definitely the Brony and definitely NOT Pinkie Pie! He’s definitely NOT tied up in a basement he totally thinks that Pinkie Pie eez best pony, not that silly bookworm Twilight! Because the Brony likes to party… I mean I like to party, and Pinkie Pie throws the best parties!


And Pinkie Pie tells the best jokes! Like the time she told the story of how she got her cutie mark and that’s how Equestria was made. I mean, who ever heard of a rock farm? That’s just silly! Who would buy rocks?

That’s one of the best parts of My Little Pony, you know. The funny parts, they’re all funny, but other parts that are especially funny. Most of the time when I watch kids shows it’s like, holy cow WHEN is this going to get funny? Cause most of the jokes are all “WE’RE BEING GOOFY AND EATING OATMEAL!!!” and I’m like “Oatmeal? Are you kuh-razy?”

OH! I should make oatmeal raisin cookies for the party! Cause there’s no cookies for the party. Cause I was in Sugercube Corner the other day and I was baking cookies and this pony came in and said he just went golfing and I said “Clearly you’re not a bowler!” And he was like “Yes, I am!” And so we went bowling with all my friends!

Where was I? Oh yeah, this show is the funniest show! Cause it’s got me… I mean it’s got Pinkie Pie and she’s got all the funniest jokes, this one time I heard a joke from this bag of flour, her name is Madame Le Flour, I can’t remember how it went but I was laughing so hard I got the hiccups and–

[Apologies to my readers, the previous writers of this article have been sacked and I have escaped from the basement where Pinkie tied me up, she’s a little hyper you see. So now: back to our regularly scheduled article!]

The point of this article is to talk about Pinkamena Diane Pie, a.k.a. Pinkie Pie. She is THE original party pony! Not only is she-

You bet I am! Everypony loves my parties and I make all the best treats! Me and Gummy are going to have an after after-party party tomorrow and you’re all invited!

I was going to go around to all of your homes and sing your invitations but last time I did that it was so exhausting and I want to have lots of energy to dance cause we’ll be dancing all night and-

[We apologize again, those responsible for sacking those who invaded this article who have just been sacked have been sacked. Now back to-]

[Hey, what’s this? Is this where you announce stuff? Attention all ponies, Party at Pinkie’s place tonight, cupcakes will be present… that is all.]

[Never mind.]

ANYWAY… So Pinkie, at first glance is just your standard hyper-active, crazy character whose usually the foil for most craziness in the show. But when you really get down to it, she’s part of a greater ethos that different personalities come together to make interesting things happen. In one episode she appears to simply be jumping around scene to scene, not making any sense to any of the other ponies or the viewers.

Ooo! Is this the one with the hydra?

No, Pinkie, the one with the Parasprites.

Oh! Tell them about the sax solo!

Yeah, I’ll get to that…wait, sax solo? There wasn’t-

Uh oh! Those cookies are probably done, I gotta go!

Oh…ok. Um, where was I? Oh, the craziness. Well it seems gratuitous at first, but it turns out that she knew what was going on the whole time and if the group just listened to her from the beginning, the town wouldn’t have been destroyed, get it? Point is that trying to put Pinkie in a box is a tall task, she’s the 4th wall breakenist, pastry bakenist, party throwenist pony in the show and it’s impossible not to love her.



What really makes her character interesting and empathetic though is the same as with all the characters: she has flaws. Pinkie’s happen to be her insecurities when it comes to other ponies feelings toward her. We all know the feeling; we want people to like us and to think we’re fun and worth hanging out with. But mix that with a hyper-active personality and sometimes you get unpleasant results. Often marked as one of the best, if not THE best episode in the series is the one in which Pinkie misinterprets her friends intentions and thinks they don’t like her anymore. I won’t go into spoilers, because it really is one of the best moments in the show. We get an honest glimpse of the dark, self-destructive side of Pinkie Pie’s personality. She’s not just an eternally happy, infinite ball of energy; she’s a real character with real problems who sometimes just needs a little help from her friends, don’t we all?

Hey! Cookies are done, you want one?

Shoot, like you had to ask? Mmm…these came out great! My mom also gave me this recipe for banana bread that’s the best, I’m not as good about making it as her, but that’s ok, it still turns out good. My dad likes the banana bread with walnuts in it, but I don’t like that, I like it just regular kind with some butter on it, especially when the bread is warm out of the oven and the butter melts! It’s so good that…ah, horse feathers, now I’m doing it!

Hee hee *snort *


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