Pirate Loot is about to Set Sail on Kickstarter!

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Sail the seas, betray your friends, and steal their loot! Pirate Loot is a card game for 2 to 4 players, designed by Jason Bulmahn (designer of Pathfinder) with art by Scott Kurtz (PVPonline and Table Titans) and Dylan Meconis (Bite Me! and Family Man).

The game is designed to be easy to learn, but claiming the prize takes some devious strategy. Each player is dealt a hand of pirates they can recruit to their ship. On their turn, they recruit one of these pirates, resolving any effects that occur when it comes into play. The pirates are divided up into four suits (brutal, clever, greedy, and lazy) with each suit have a theme of effects that happen when played. Brutal pirates, for example, cause other players to be forced to discard pirates in play, while greedy pirates steal loot from other players. Play proceeds until one player draws the “Set Sail” card, at which point everybody gets one more turn before the round is over and the player with the strongest suit of pirates gets to claim the loot. Win enough loot and you win the game!

The game launched on kickstarter and raced to open waters, reaching its funding goal in just the first few days. Now it just over a week until the kickstarter draws to a close and Pirate Loot has already surpassed one stretch goal, adding full art to the game, and it is closing in on another, adding 6 bonus cards to “gunner” backers and above. If it can reach $40k, it unlocks a bonus deck of cards, making the game suitable for 6 players by adding two new expansion suits to the game. The first of which has been revealed as undead pirates!

Learn more by checking out the kickstarter page. The kickstarter ends on September 19th, at 9pm PST, which happens to also be International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Join this scurvy crew and you’ll be plunderin’ with the best of em in no time! Yar.
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