How to Play Playstation 1 Games on your PC

There are a lot of really complex guides out there on how to do this.  I’ll keep this short, sweet, and simple.  Here we go!

Step 1: Download & Install ePSXe

Here’s a link ePSXe

Step 2: Get BIOS for ePSXe

Download the BIOS for ePSXe here.

Step 3: Video Plug-ins

There are a wide variety of Plug-ins available that are custom depending on your video card and settings.  You must find a matching plug-in here.

Step 4: Obtain Audio

If your audio isn’t working you will need another plug-in, they are found here.

Step 5: Disk Driver Plug-Ins

Most likely everything will work fine since ePSXe has built in plug-ins, but if your disk drivers are not working you can go here and scroll halfway down the page to find more.  Put them in the /plugin directory for ePSXe.

Step 6: Configure ePSXe

First you select the correct BIOS for your region (NTSC for USA/PAL for Europe). You’ll notice that there are different alternatives for your region, but all should work.

Next, select your video driver. When you press ‘Config’, you can change the video settings (like screen resolution, FPS limit, and so on. Apart from the resolution, only change these settings if you know what you’re doing.

Press next and select your sound plug-in and CD-ROM plug-in.

Finally, you can configure your controller settings. First press on the controller you want to configure.


Load an ISO image or a game CD-ROM in your drive and play away!  Enjoy your Playstation!



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