Why you should be playing Gran Turismo 5

Let me start off by saying, yes Gran Turismo 5 was delayed, a lot. and yes, it was released suddenly after an announcement of another delay. Push all of that nonsense aside though because this game was truly worth the wait.

I have played all prior Gran Turismo games going all the way back to the original Playstation and the very first ground breaking game. True to form and expectations, this game does not disappoint in either sheer scope of tasks, or with how beautiful the game looks. Polyphony Digital absolutely nails the physics of driving, leaving all other driving simulators “I’m talking to you Forza, not Need For Speed” firmly in the proverbial dust. Fun fact, Nissan contracted Polyphony Digital to design the cock pit of the revered Nissan GT-R. For those with past experience with Gran Turismo, it should feel like home. For the uninitiated, strap on your 5 point harnesses, and get ready for some fierce racing action! Tracks are painstakingly recreated to within virtual inches of there real life counterparts. Cars to say the least look amazing. Take your pick, the list of cars is extensive and covers just about every car you’ve ever lusted after is included. Take you pick of tracks also. Laguna Seca, check, race through Rome, check, pretty much anything you want. Rally is back and better then ever also. This time around, tracks aren’t just dirt or snow, they combine dirt, tarmac, and multiple weather conditions to make the races much more challenging. A new and surprisingly fun addition is kart racing. It’s short but sweet. Time to end the love fest for a minute. Another new addition is NASCAR, which to any racing purist isn’t racing but turning left for hours on end. It was a strange addition to a game so full of high tech cars racing on technical tracks. The cars from the NASCAR races are heavy and handle poorly. Antiquated technology, means antiquated abilities. Including Jeff Gordons likeness and voice doesn’t help either. His voice acting is atrocious to say the least. Putting that aside, running the NASCAR portion of the game did me a new appreciation of the abilities of Jeff Gordon and his fellow drivers. I could literally go on for hours about the awesomeness that is Gran Turismo 5, instead I will say GO BUY IT!! See for yourself how great it is, but dont be surprised to find out you aren’t quite the driver you thought you were! Perreault out.

Amazing cars
Amazing tracks
Realistic physics
Even Top Gear makes an appearance!!

NASCAR, really?
You better have patience this game ain’t easy
No Porsche again?

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