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I’ll confess, if there’s something that doesn’t get old it’s survival games. I play games for the thrill and have always found myself migrating towards titles which not only stretches my imagination to the limits but also scares the word-which-rhymes-with-trap out of me. I was very excited when Naughty Dog and Sony announced their release of the game ‘The Last of Us’ at the Spike VGA’s. It’s definitively something to look forward to from the creators of UNCHARTED but the game is still a long way down the road.

Closer to home is the release of AMY – another horror survival game which centres around the players character Lana needing to escourt an autistic girl called Amy through a hostile city filled with victims of a comet crash which brought a deadly virus to earth. Together the two need to escape the town while trying to avoid monsters, the infected and the military. It will be released to the Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network exclusively on the 10th of January. On the 5th of January, Amy’s developers VectorCell  and Lexis Numérique announced the price of the game, pricing the XBLA version at $10 and the PSN game at $12.99. The price difference, they say, is due to the difference in value of MS points across different countries. However, they gave PSN players the opportunity to vote for a drop in price of the title to $10 on the network.

The catch?

The game will be delayed as the price change is approved across the network.

Voting will close tonight at 12:00 PST time. Those interested can go to the Facebook page to have their say:

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Official game website:

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