Prometheus: Ridley Scott’s Alien Prequel

This article is for the die-hard, original ‘Alien’ fans out there.  If you want any of that AVP filler then please, read no further.

Now that the air is clear, the wait is almost over.  Director Ridley Scott’s latest Alien prequel is due to hit theaters on 8 June, 2012.  Charlize Theron plays the lead role according to the most recent movie trailer at the bottom of this article.  Of note, seeing Theron in this film’s setting sort of reminds you of the latest Metroid games except without the crouch-roll function as she is as fit as a ninja.  However, I digress.

The 'Space Jockey' always left original fans wanting more background.

Although Theron is the lead character, Scott equally devotes his time explaining the origins of Weyland Industries, the megacorporation which funded Officer Ripley’s mining crew and even the terra-formers she was sent to help rescue in part II.  The trailer also offers a juicy nugget for hardcore ‘Alien’ fans when it reveals a glimpse of the ‘space jockey’, the huge petrified alien which crashed onto a small planet called LV-246.  Just to refresh your memory, LV-246 was the same planet in part I and II that Weyland Industries was so excited to explore.  By the way, anyone that hasn’t seen the uncut ‘Aliens’ movie should definitely check it out.  It provides an in-depth look at how Weyland Industries hoped to use the terra-formers as living hosts even before Ripley and the marine squad were sent to investigate.

According to this latest trailer, here is a stab in the dark at the plot:

-Weyland Corporation finds similar glyphs on multiple planets which point to a central planet as the origin of interest.

-There IS a droid on board the ship, Prometheus, which is sent to explore the glyphs.  However, just who the droid is remains unseen.

-The crew of the ship find something alien, but it’s uncertain how much this life-form may resemble H.R. Giger’s aliens.  Chestbursters, Facehuggers, and Queens- oh my!

-There is a disaster at the end of the movie which reveals how and why the ‘space jockey’ crashed onto (possibly) LV-246.

Ridley Scott rocking a Northface Jacket.

Ridley Scott has already stated that this project has become more than ever imagined.  After viewing the trailer I would not be surprised to see a sequel come from this prequel.  As confusing as it may seem, I have to tell myself that this is a spin-off of the original Alien movie and what Ridley Scott originally envisioned rather than a cookie cutter prequel.

The last noteworthy mention is the movie’s fictitious website at  Similar to Neill Blomkamp’s ‘District 9’, this movie aims to please the few fans wanting more information about the movie as the release date approaches.  If Scott follows the direction of Blomkamp, I would not be surprised to see subdued stickers and posters with no words in the near future- all the markings of a sleeper film.

I will definitely be there on the opening night to see the movie and write a SPOILER FREE review.  Following the review, I will follow-up at this year’s Comic-Con to see if there is truly a sequel in the works.

Finally, here is the link to the trailer.  I promise no Rick-Roll:


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