Prototype 2: Not Just Another Sequel

Myself and several other NERDTREK Editors had the distinct pleasure of attending an industry event for Activision. We were wined and dined and got to see, play, and watch demos for several upcoming titles. The topic of this particular article is obviously Prototype 2. And, like the title says, it’s not just another sequel. Prototype 2 is turned up to 11 (that’s right kids, a Spinal Tap reference). If you are too young to get it, Netflix it and watch it. Anyway, back to my story, as I said Prototype 2 turns it up to 11 in every way possible to make a game better than the previous version. The graphics are better, even though this was a pre-alpha build of the game. The story is more involved.

You are Sgt. Heller and you’re pissed off because the plague that he is infected with killed his family. The combat has evolved, not that combat was weak in the first game. But, improvements are always available.

For anyone who hasn’t played Prototype I’ll give you some back story. You were Alex Mercer, a former scientist infected by the virus he helped create to destroy specific races becomes the ultimate killing machine. You wake up with no memory, but kill everything in your path in attempt to stop the now loose virus from spreading and to uncover your past since your memory was destroyed.

So, in Prototype 2, Sgt Heller gets infected by Alex Mercer, and instead of either dying a gruesome death or mutating into a mindless killing machine, becomes like Mercer. The only difference is, he not only gets some of Mercer’s powers, but also a slew of new powers to boot. The game play is more varied and tight, and the enemies are bigger, smarter, and tougher.

Taking place in the future, the virus has now spread and taken over a portion of the city dubbed the “red zone.” This is where you are most likely going to find Alex Mercer roaming free, causing mayhem. The yellow zone is a militarized zone. Heller will spend quite a bit of his time here causing trouble and digging for answers to the virus and Mercer. Then, you have the “green zone,” which is the only area no longer affected by the virus. People live there without military force and generally unaffected by the carnage of the other zones. I’m sure players will have ample opportunity to raise hell in the “green zone,” which should be a blast.

New game play mechanics include the bad ass ability to equip two powers at once! Say you want the hammer fist AND the tentacle arm, you got it. You can also change on the fly which powers you are using during combat. Another game-play element is the ability to achieve objectives with stealth verse all out rage. Instead of running in to a skirmish guns a blazin, you can choose to stealthily consume a soldier and stroll over to your intended target. Then you can consume them in stealth mode, and exit the whole scenario without any collateral damage.  Improved evasive maneuvers and military without sniper accuracy from any distance are welcome additions, as well.

One demo I watched also showed Heller grabbing a civilian and then…….placing him down gently! Mind you, as Heller you can also place them down off the side of a building so said civ could plummet to his/her death, but the ability to put things down adds more depth to your game play. The A.I. has also been improved. During the demo, Heller picked a person up and hurled him at a group of military men. Instead of being stalwart warriors, they cowered in fear before being ripped apart! Being followed by the military? Stack cars atop each other, and create a wall they can’t pass. Need to fight off some choppers? Rip the missile pod off the side of it, and shoot it down. That’s right, now you can use tank turrets and chopper missiles as hand held weapons.

To say I’m looking forward to this game is an understatement as huge as the tentacle fury you unleash as Heller, in this game. I can’t wait to disembowel my way through this story to its certainly epic end. This game can’t get here soon enough!!

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