Proud to be a Brony!

The first thing I’ll say is, YOU’RE WELCOME.


Wow, really, it’s the least I could do for you.


I mean c’mon now, calm down, I’m just doing what anypony in my position would do.


Looking around, confused since you haven’t thanked me yet? Well, I know that you will, so I was hoping to save you some time. I just need you to keep an open mind and to keep reading, no matter how skeptical you MIGHT be after reading the next sentence, ok? My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is one of the best television shows ever made. I know, heavy, right?


If you’re not a fan, you’ve probably at least heard the name. It’s been said “you either love My Little Pony. . . or you haven’t seen it yet.” but if nothing else, I am a man aware of the gray, cross-eyed madness that exists between the absolutes of our world. Whether you’re a brony still in the stable, or a negative naysayer, plenty of people choose to ignore the positive messages that are reinforced in every episode. On that note, I know what I like and I love My Little Pony. I am a brony.


Gotta admit that I’ve actually loved it since I was a wee chitin. Although I admit that the incarnations in the early 90’s and 00’s were quite paltry, if I hear even one bad word about the 1986 movie, I will force feed you cupcakes until you DO love the movie! And I’ll tell you right now, they won’t be frosted… Well, they may be frosted, but only lightly… Ok, so they will have regular frosting, but no sprinkles!





How about we hear about “love and tolerance?” It’s the brony creed, don’ cha know?! Well, it’s a general guiding ethos, anyway.


The internet is a crazy place with plenty of nasty comments and meanie face poopie heads to go around. I know for a while I felt a little ostracized. I never really thought that hunting down mixed up 13 year olds with incendiary videos would be a “fun” time. Online gaming’s appeal is only as great as one’s tolerance to be called hate-filled names, and mine isn’t very high. Not to mention I’m starting to get the impression that the person I’ve been chatting with online isn’t actually a cute college age girl. It was a wholly conscious thought that I wanted to interact with people as myself and not have to be meme-tactular to do it.


So aside from the quality of the show, which is of the highest quality, it immediately dawned on me: someone can’t be a fan of ponies ironically and you shouldn’t be a jerk to other people about it online. I don’t mean that people haven’t tried; it just doesn’t make sense to me. When I argue that Twilight Sparkle is the best pony (and she is, there’s nothing to really discuss) it must be done with sincerity. It’s the literal application of the title ‘Friendship is Magic’ that made me a brony. To enjoy this amazingly well made, though corny, show meant that without hesitation I could – and needed to – talk to another brony like a person. No jibes, no flaming, no trolling, but talking to him like a human being. Bronies, if nothing else, are a community of honest people trying to be the best people they can. We just happen to have the common interest of some cute as buttons animated horses.


Rousing as all that might be, it’s my editorialized version. Webster’s dictionary defines bronies (n) as: “dedicated fans to the new Hub channel show and fourth incarnation of the My Little Pony franchise, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” who take about 400 words and half a dozen paragraphs to get to the damn point. Me? Oh, you better believe I’m a brony. Fan fiction; comics; art; cosplay; wild and irresponsible speculation on plot; borderline psychotic over-analysis of characters; the whole kit n’ caboodle. I am proud to be a brony.




Until you get that far into the culture though, just going to the bigger brony sites (i.e. ponychan and equestriadaily) one would think there is an entire encyclopedia of source material. As it stands, the 26 episode first season is all that officially exists of the canon. The brony community has eclipsed the amount of material in the actual show many times over. Between thousands of short stories, some novel length fictions, and innumerable pieces of fan art and comics, bronies have created a world within a world all on their own.


An example to the sheer depth that the world has – because of the fans – is that when there are disagreements on the names of background characters that have no spoken lines, they’re settled based on the quality of the respective fan works that the names come from. They are in no way decided by the show’s actual creators. There isn’t an official vote or tally, simply more bronies ascribing one version over another. One might interpret this as a sign of disrespect or even arrogance and that fans feel they are better qualified to give the world more dimension.


Even a cursory glance, though, reveals that the community’s love for the show, the characters and the world is so deep that we almost feel a responsibility to enhance it. I’m biased to a positive view on bronies, but regardless of your opinion on the quality of the show, one can’t deny the show’s impact. It has inspired swaths of people to draw, write, create, and even act different, in a way that few things, if any, have ever inspired a group to do.


If you want to spot a wild brony in its natural element, the general public can view us congregating and socializing in various malls, parks, and restaurants. Sauntering around a fair or city, singing chipper tunes about laughing at the face of evil, calling things 20% cooler, and generally being happy. Don’t worry, we’re highly contagious and impossible to immunize against, so you can come into the herd anytime you want.


Enough of this, you say? Sounds gay? This is stupid crap for little girls? Well, I suppose you’re entitled to your opinions. You should know that there are bronies of all colors and orientations. Part of what the show reinforces is not judging a book by its cover, and being a good friend, even when others are rude and hurtful. Are you still skeptical? You might as well watch the first few episodes… I mean, just so you know HOW stupid it is. What could it hurt? Either way, what if you DO end up deciding to watch the first few episodes? As I said before, you’re welcome.


So let us journey to the magical land of Equestria…




Jonathan “The Brony” Agnew


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