RADIOHEAD releases new album – “The King of Limbs”


RADIOHEAD is releasing a new album titled “The King of Limbs” available for download on Saturday February 19th.  You may pre-order the digital copy of the music or opt to purchase the Newspaper Album which comes with tons of original artwork and 2 clear vinyl records.

I for one have been an obsessed Radiohead fan since 1993!  I even had my skin permanently altered with black ink branding me forever with the Radiohead bear to pledge my allegiance to my all time favorite band.  If you too are a stanch supporter of the evolution of rock music please support this band that has worked tirelessly to shed their overbearing record label and become independant on a new level despite their huge popularity in modern times.

That’s it, I’m stepping off my soapbox so you can VISIT THE KING OF THE LIMBS website and buy the new album!  🙂

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