How to Raise Adsense CTR

The mysterious and elusive Click Through Ratio known to most webmasters who utilize Google Adsense as “CTR”.

A question I get asked a lot is “What is a good CTR?”  Although this question gets asked a lot it’s hard to ever get a straight answer due to the fact that there are so many variables involved.

The Variables

The first variable has to do with your type of website- forum, blog, social, video, audio websites are all quite different and depending on your niche you may get more or less clicks depending.

The second variable is what kind of content you provide and what type of user this draws.  A website featuring articles on automobile repairs would probably draw gearheads who if fixing or modding their cars and reading your articles to do so, probably are in the market for car parts.  If a website that has killer deals happens to pop up while they are reading your article they are a lot more likely to click that than say an article for Seattle Coupons which shows someone having their nails done.  Google is usually pretty good at showing the correct type of ads for a particular website although when you first start out with Google Adsense they might be a bit off on occasion.

The third variable is where you have the ads located- do you have them easily accessible to the reader?  Are they included along with the text or off on the sidebar where the users eyes are sometimes yet rarely drawn?  One of the worst decisions I ever made was locating my ads in the sidebar.  Although they occasionally get hits, by moving my ads into my blog posts I increased by CTR ten-fold.

The fourth and final variable has to do with the color of your ads.  You want the reader to enjoy your article while also possibly enjoying a few of your Google Adsense ads as well.  By clicking your ads they are supporting your website while at the same time enjoying a potential shopping experience.  It helps to blend the ads in along with your content and color is the key.  Make sure your Adsense ads font color is set to the exact same as your content.  If your blog has a white background with green text and blue links make sure that your Adsense ads are also configured with these same settings.  Not only will you improve your CTR, but your page will blend better and appear much more professional.

Now that you read all the variables and the disclaimers you still want to know “What’s a good CTR?”  From personal experience in my field, a good Click Through Ratio is around 1-3%.  Granted, I won’t be making much money from Adsense with this rate unless I draw a substantial amount of traffic which brings us to our final point.

Content is King. You may have heard this many times before, but take this to heart.  If I didn’t have this content you are reading now would you even be here?  Now that I have you here I can display some ads in hope you’ll enjoy some of the deals (even just briefly) so that I can make a little profit as well.  Make sure you are writing good content and have a good SEO system.  If you’re not attracting any traffic or only 10-20 hits a day you are doing something wrong.  Even if you get traffic from Facebook, Twitter, and the search engines- you must have good content to keep the user on your site and keep them coming back.  There are only a few websites that I myself frequent on the net and it all has to do with content.

What is your website name and URL?  Post it below in comments, I would love to visit and take a look.  Perhaps I can give you some ideas on how to improve your CTR, then we can post the results here in this article so that you gain free promotion from my blog while benefiting  from the improvements we made to increase your Click Through Ratio.


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