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Red vs. Blue” is a web series that was created years ago by the geniuses over at Rooster Teeth Productions.  Red vs. Blue, also known as RvB, is a web video series of characters set in a team slayer match of Halo.  The Reds (Sarge, Simmons, Grif, and Donut) are matched against the Blue team (Church, Tucker, and Caboose) in a canyon named “Blood Gulch” which is a popular map for multi-player team battles in the Halo series.  As you watch the 8 seasons currently published, new characters including  Tex, Lopez, Sheila, Flowers, Doc, Sister, Wash, Meta, and many more are introduced.

The teams find themselves in one precarious situation after the other, all the while learning more and more about their “WAR” between the two armies, the members of their teams, and themselves.  The series is full of sarcasm, violence, sexual innuendo, and vulgar language.  Each season, the weekly episode is about 5 minutes, give or take.  You can buy the DVDs, you can watch them on their website for free with ads before each video, or you can sign up to be a sponsor and stream the videos ad-free directly from the website.  Sponsorship costs $10 every six months ($20 a year) and includes some fun bonus videos, only available for streaming to sponsors.  Here is the first episode, released in April of 2003:

Rooster Teeth Productions, in my opinion, has really been on the leading edge of the genre Machinima.  Machinima (a smash of ”machine” and ”cinema,” pronounced muh-SHIN-eh-muh OR mah-SHEEN-eh-muh) is where you use a video game’s engine and assets to create animation;  Whether it is short episodes like Red vs. Blue, or even feature length movies.  It is becoming increasingly popular because many video games allow customization that enable video production companies to use the technology for whatever they like.  Also it is a lot less expensive than CGI or other ways of producing animation.  Rooster Teeth claims that their 5 minute Red vs. Blue videos are made in a week with a budget of about $5,000.

Geoff Ramsey, one of the creators, has been quoted saying “We try not to make it too much of an inside joke.  And I think we use more bureaucracy and military humor than anything else, which everybody working in an office can identify with.” about the Red vs. Blue web video sit-com…  I think he hit the nail right on the head.  You don’t have to be an avid Halo player to enjoy the show.  There are a lot of references to science fiction and popular culture.  They even quote Marvel Comics’ The Incredible Hulk in episode 78!  I really enjoy watching the clips and find myself getting stares while in public with headphones on because I’m cracking up from watching on my phone.

There is a free app now available that you can download to your phone and view all kinds of Rooster Teeth content including the Red vs. Blue videos.   The comic strips are fantastic and the app is a great way of keeping up to date on those, as well as the podcasts.

If you need to catch up on the series, get going cause season 9 is coming.  Rooster Teeth confirmed at Comicon that there will be another season and I am anxiously awaiting the release of the next episode!  Originally the series was going to only be about a half dozen episodes, but with it’s immediate success in 2003, the minds behind the brand decided to keep producing the short films.  The series transformed from a fun idea with out expectations that a drunk group of guys thought would be funny, into an award winning cornerstone of a new genre that is both critically acclaimed and revered by fans.  Let’s see how many more awards they can win, cause their stuff is of the highest quality.  I’m personally a huge fan.  I’d probably get in trouble for snooping around their offices all the time if they were near me in Seattle, Washington instead of being based in Austin, Texas.

Seasons 1 – 5 available in the remastered DVD box set:

The remastered edition of the Blood Gulch six disc box set has the first five seasons of Red vs. Blue including over 250 RvB videos including episodes, mini-series, PSAs, extras, out-takes, character profiles, easter eggs, and much, much more from their first five years.  Episodes 1 – 77 have been completely remastered from brand new high definition source files.  Plus it comes with a Bonus Content DVD featuring over 2 hours of hilarious exclusive and never-before-seen videos, making of documentaries, fan art, behind-the-scenes footage, and lots of other goodies.


  • RvB Season 1: REMASTERED Episodes 1-19, outtakes, PSAs, and more…
  • RvB Season 2: REMASTERED Episodes 20-38, outtakes, PSAs, deleted scenes and extras
  • RvB Season 3: REMASTERED Episodes 39-57, outtakes, PSAs & special videos, deleted scenes and extras
  • RvB Season 4: REMASTERED Episodes 58-77, outtakes, PSAs & special videos, deleted scenes and extras
  • RvB Season 5: Episodes 78-100, alternate endings, PSAs & special videos, deleted scenes, extras, and XBL mini-series “OUT OF MIND”
  • RvB Bonus Content, Red Team: new and unreleased, festival videos, trailers and bumpers, launch videos and extras
  • RvB Bonus Content, Blue Team: history and cast & crew videos, concert videos, community extras, and XBL mini-series “RECOVERY ONE”

You can also buy Seasons 6 through 8 of Red vs Blue, T-shirts, Hoodies, Posters, Hats, and all kinds of Rooster Teeth merchandise…

Go to if you need some items to add to your wish list.

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