Republique by Camouflaj + Logan – The little (big) project that can.

The gaming industry is by no means filled with cowards or people who’s thinking perspectives remain within the box. Every day you find that designers, developers and even gamers push themselves outside the box that comes with society. Among those that shine is Camouflaj, a small independent game company that has one very big goal.

To raise $500,000 so that they can fund their independent game and so keep their creative license and IP out of the clutches of bigger game developers who would most probably distort their vision to something they could barely live with. Their goal? Simple.

  1. Design a game and write a story for touch-based devices
  2. Create an intense action game without a focus on killing
  3. Feature a believable, non-sexualized female lead (YES!)
  4. Explore heavy topics
  5. Push cutting-edge graphics on mobile.

 What they came up with was a project called Republique. Designed for the PC, Mac, iPhone and iPad and exclusive to touched based platforms, the plot involves the player from the moment it starts. The main character called Hope calls you from a shadowy, secret compound/nation and requests that you help her escape by hacking devices and ultimately assisting her to get away from the evil clutches of the omnipresent Overseer.

Some big names have become involved with this, including Jennifer Hale (Mass Effect’s Female Commander Shepard and probably the gaming world’s most prolific voice actress) and David Hayter (Metal Gear Solid). Also involved are some of the designers of Halo 4, Metal Gear Solid and F.E.A.R. games which hold no small name in the gaming community. It promises to be a unique and wild ride, drawing the gamer into the story and keeping you there. So far, the developers have promised that they will be designing the system to have:

  1. A 4-6 hour campaign,
  2. Be in the Stealth/Survival genre,
  3. Have metriodvania exploration and a 3D map mode,
  4. Deliver a gripping ‘pull-no-punches’ story,
  5. Have full voice overs,
  6. Include real-time cinematics.

In the current economic climate, where funding and extra money is hard to come by, their goal seems enormous and ambitious. Yet, they have already raised $323,200 at the time this article was written (and with just under 50 hours still left on the clock). What I appreciate is that they are open about their needs, determined in their goals and driven to meet the demands set before them. This video will tell you more of the project and provide you with details of what they have in mind.

Republique (Video link)

If you see the potential and want to know more, feel free to go to their website here and through that, help keep Hope alive.



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