How to get rid of a tooth ache naturally

Recently I have had horrible pain from a tooth which most likely has an abscess located directly beneath the root.  I clench and grind my teeth at night so in the morning I sometimes awaken with a horrible toothache along with a headache and painful jaw to go along with it.

For the second time the dentist recommended I have a root canal performed.  Since root canals are not always effective and usually within 5-20 years fail, I wanted a second opinion.  I spent a lot of time doing research online and found that a lot of people find not only pain relief, but a cure with raw garlic.  Although it will keep vampires and your girlfriend or boyfriend away, it works!  I’m not sure yet if it will cure the affected area and will have to give you an update on if it works for the long term, but for now the pain is gone!  This is after trying all kinds of remedies from numbing agents to clove oil and ibuprofen.  When you first cut a slice of the garlic and put it in your mouth it will burn a little bit, but this pain is nothing compared to the toothache you are probably already enduring.  Wait about 10 minutes and the pain should be gone.  Some people leave the raw garlic in their mouth at night against the gums of the affected tooth.
Let me know if this works for you.

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