Have you heard about this new website Adventureaweek.com?  If you’re a RPG fanatic and miss Wizards “Map-a-Week” or Dungeon Magazine you’re in for a treat!  World famous cartographer and illustrator Todd Gamble (D&D 3.5, Forgotten Realms, 3x ENnie Award, Origin Award) and Lead Game Developer Jonathan Nelson have started a new website featuring a new original adventure module every week!

The best part is that you can run the adventures right off their website and everything is hyperlinked to the SRD for both 3.5 OGL game systems and the Pathfinder RPG.  Yes, that picture to the right is me running a Pathfinder sesssion entirely off my iPad!  I didn’t even need a GM screen!!!  😛  It doesn’t get much better than this… or does it?

Right now Adventureaweek.com is serving up an enticing contest where you can win rare out of print and one of a kind original pieces of art from D&D’s golden years with TSR along with a few of Gamble’s goodies!  On top of that you can win a free month subscription to the new Adventureaweek.com website which launches in early 2012!

How do you enter you ask?  Simply “Like” Adventureaweek.com on Facebook and share a link to “Adventureaweek.com” with all of your friends!


Here’s how to win this loot PLUS a free 1 month subscription to Adventureaweek.com!

1.  “Like” Adventureaweek.com on Facebook.

2.  Share a link to “Adventureaweek.com” with all of your friends on Facebook.

That’s it!  You’re entered to win!


Win more stuff:

If you wish you can also print out the flier below and hang it up at your local gaming shop.  If you do so please email us a picture at Contest@Adventureaweek.com to be entered into a special prize drawing for original artwork signed by Todd Gamble!


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