Season 2: Episode 1




My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Season 2: Episode 1

Originally aired Saturday 9/17/2011



Well, it seems that DisQord won and the ponies lost. Next week will be an epilogue of the beginning of the new age of chaos and insanity. It was a good run, but this is the end of My Little Pony, thanks everypony for watching!


Let it be known from this point forward, that the villain “Discord” shall henceforth be known as “DisQord” in recognition of John de Lancie’s marvelous performance as the newest and best villain of MLP. John de Lancie is a fantastic actor, commonly known for his many interpretations of the enigmatic character “Q” in various incarnations of StarTrek TV shows, games, and public appearances.


The show’s artistic team actually confirmed that they intentionally changed the script and art work to make the character literally “Q” in fantasy animal form, after they found out John was going to be voice actor. MLP villains really are 20% cooler!


So you’ve got some pressing questions about what happened. Like: Why didn’t Pinkie’s hair deflate? Why is “Q” harassing the Mane 6? Why didn’t Celestia help? WHERE THE HECK IS LUNA?!


First off, Pinkie wasn’t Pinkamena. She wasn’t Pinkie either. She was both, but not at the same time, combined. She’s the malcontent of Pinkamena with all the repressed insecurities. At the same time she isn’t off-her-rocker crazy. DisQord cured her bi-polar disorder and schizophrenia, she’s 100% healthy, well-adjusted and normal now. Just like all of us, get it? She conceals her personal inadequacies and fear of public scrutiny with an off-putting and bombastic nature, sound familiar?


I TOTALLY called DisQord being the former ruler of Equestria, usurped by Luna and Celestia. An interesting turn, so Equestria was chaotic, wild and uncivilized… It kinda sounds like G1 world, doesn’t it? But what would be REALLY interesting is to find out that his rule was chaotic, but non-interventionist. If he left creatures and ponies to their own devices. Maybe both the sun and moon came up on their own and the seasons changed naturally. The world was in constant flux. Natural, but insane. It’s possible the order and stagnation Celestia and Luna brought required them to manually change seasons and circadian cycles so the world could be at peace…


Celestia and Luna were the holders of the Elements of Harmony but they weren’t apparently created to destroy DisQord. The Elements are a tricky bunch! So they both have a physical manifestation (the stones and necklaces) AND they have vessels, the ponies that wield them. The question now is were there 4 other ponies (alicorns?) that held the Elements more than 1000 years ago or just Celi and Luna? How long was it between DisQord’s imprisonment and Luna’s banishment? Not long by my guess. It also seems to be alluding to Luna having been affected by DisQord that led to her banishment, similar to what happened to the Mane 6, only more dramatic and powerful of a change. Seeing his demise as inevitable he corrupted Luna, knowing Celestia would have to use the Elements to trap her as well. It was only a matter of time before they were weakened enough to allow his escape! Another screw-up that can wholly be blamed on the Cutie Mark Crusaders, those stupid little foals.


I loved how DisQord changed the ponies. Again, this is something a lot of ponies predicted, that he wouldn’t just simply change their personalities, but rather take something that already was there (AJ’s need to comfort and help, Dash’s impulsive nature, Rarity’s occasional narcissism, and Fluttershy’s general lack of will) and turn it into their dominate personality, making their innate flaws take over what was good about them. Excellent writing and very well done for the short amount of time they had. I wish this was something that happened over 2 episodes, but that’s the nature of kids shows, well done none-the-less. Quick note, AJ’s eye twitching when she lies, Red Dwarf reference to Holograms’ eyes twitching when they lie?


Interesting questions as well, how DID DisQord get the Elements of Harmony? My guess is that he’s a bigger trickster than he lets on. Maybe he stole the elements literally when Celestia opened it to get them OR they’re not gone at all and he’s just simply hiding them with magic. I wouldn’t be surprised if the girls’ horns and wings were never gone to begin with, just perceived to be gone and therefore unusable.


DisQord is literally Q… There isn’t even a difference. John de Lancie killed it! Menacing, silly, manipulative, but still imperfect; Fluttershy’s temptation and transformation was great!


Also, the animation quality seems to have gone up! That 3-D spin on one of the windows in the hall? That looked really good! It’s amazing comparing this show to the commercial breaks done in Flash and even Pound Puppies, it’s just so much better. It’s the best Flash animation I’ve ever seen, period. Even better than season 1!


The humor was still there, but not forced at all. Pinkie stole the show with her “Eternal Chaos comes with Chocolate Rain, you guys. CHOCOLATE RAIN!” Let loose the chocolate rain macros my bronies! MWAH HA HA HAAAA!!! Sometimes Pinkie really is the most rational member of the party.


Overall the season 2 premiere was really exciting, a lot of that comes from ponies FINALLY being back, but it was still a great episode. It was a cool story, full of well-placed humor, playing on character strengths, and especially their weaknesses. There was an AWESOME villain, but unfortunately no Luna… I’m betting we’ll see Luna soon though!


On the HUB network, Saturday 9am EST, 6am PST, or anytime Saturday off your DVR… See you ponies next week!


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