Season 2: Episode 2


My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Season 2: Episode 2

Originally aired Saturday 9/24/2011



“Sarcasm: the last refuge of modest and chaste-souled people when the privacy of their soul is coarsely and intrusively invaded.” – Dostoevsky

Seriously, a lot of sarcasm in this episode, I suppose it IS a defense mechanism.

Of course I loved it, Pinkie getting one last gulp of chocolate rain, the shameless and beautiful Star Wars ending.

ANYWAY! So I can’t help but think I set myself up for disappointment this week. I was part of the big over-analysis group that wanted DisQord to come back as a recurring character with diminished powers. Thinking about it, that makes less sense than what happened, but it would have made for a more interesting story.

I wanted something weird and interesting to happen, I guess I wanted this to be a little saga that lasted a long time and went to galaxies far, far away. I know that wasn’t possible, I knew how it was going to end and when. I guess that’s where I set myself up; I thought about all this other stuff that could have happened. I’m sure all the folks at Studio B and on Lauren’s writing team could come up with 10 different stories better than what I came up with, but within the confines of the genre (kids show) this is what kinda HAD to happen.

Regardless, I have to remember it’s the journey that it’s really all about. It was such a great opening where DisQord was straight up, he never said the Elements were in the labyrinth, you decided that and he just went with it!

The scene at the library, the first fight with DisQord (great scene, everypony looks so uncomfortable!), Twilight deciding to ride the rails and then coming back to normal, her finding her friends, the whole Rainbow Dash chase scene (it WOULD take the weight of 2 ponies), Assertiveshy, a balloon and then 4 ponies to hold Dashie down (that mare is a beast!), Not to mention the final showdown (which did have a tense moment when he grabbed their necklaces, I honestly thought he was going to screw with them again).

Twilight saves the day again though! Twilight eez best pony and NO ONE can argue that now, ever again!

Twilight turned gray in a spectacular fashion, all the silliness and wackiness of her trying to corral her incorrigible friends and eventually loosing control. Magic is “most illusive” as DisQord said, so graying her out would take a lot more, it took her giving up on friendship in general.

It really was a great moment when she started reading the letters, cause it really just harkens back to the traditional wisdom of our culture. “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” Through thick and thin, gotta stand by the people who will stand by you in tough times. Honestly uplifted me quite a bit.

I also appreciate a more…believable excuse why Spike didn’t join the party this time. Horrible indigestion instead of, “Yaaaawn…I would love to join you saving the world but, jeez, look at the time! And I was partyin’ hard all night, you guys take this one, I’ll getcha next time!”

Not too much room for over-analysis here, unfortunately. I’m used to being able to get into the nitty gritty. Like with the sun/moon changes. Is DisQord doing that manually or is it happening naturally? That was a big point for me. Do days and seasons change naturally under his rule? Interesting, I mean this concludes beyond any shadow of a doubt that he’s more powerful than Celestia and Luna combined or they WOULD have done something about it…right? I mean, Celestia wouldn’t have just let all this crap hit the fan (including letting Big Mac turn into a dog) just for the sake of the girls re-learning about friendship…right?

Also, I guess DisQord’s magic just makes you betray generally who you are, which is why Granny Smith was able to do the Charleston Dance. Good times. AppleJack eating an apple backwards freaked me out right good.

I do wish that all the ponies vividly remembered exactly what they were like gray, just to emphasize that it was a different version of them. They DO remember, but it’s more like a dream than a memory. Maybe that makes more sense though. To have such a sudden change in personality that they can’t accept the other version of themselves, so they think of it as a dream. It doesn’t feel like something that REALLY happened.

Also, the weird ‘Through the Looking Glass’ nature of the world makes me think that when DisQord ruled: it was only for a few days; just a few ponies lived there; with no real civilization; and lots of weird chaotic things happened in the world. That seems about right to me.

I did love the Star Wars ending though. That was classy. It really, really was. That’s going to carry me for 3-4 weeks until we get a new opening in a new episode. A part of me was thinking they were doing too much to placate us older fans. But then I understood: the great realization that Twilight and all the characters come to, is what makes the show great in general and not just fun for me to watch. The only thing they really did for the bronies was the Star Wars ending. Heck, even most 8-year-olds would also recognize that.

This really did feel like the TRUE end of season 1, didn’t it? Like this wraps it up, this solidifies the girls’ friendship, this secures Equestria, this makes it so life can go on and ponies can really start to learn and grow. I know these will always go down as S2E1 and S2E2, but in spirit they’ll always be…well, I think Han put it best.

“You’re all clear, kid! Now let’s blow this thing and go home!”

I’ve got this fuzzy warm feeling in my tummy, like I want to talk about it, like it really did end and now we’re REALLY waiting for season 2, thank goodness it’ll only be a month or so, amirite?

Thanks Lauren, thanks Jayson, thanks everyone at Studio B, thanks to all the fans that made this so real for me and thanks to John de Lancie!

The Brony


– Are the ballerina bison a reference to something else? 3 of them in a row? Could swear they’re from something…

– Rarity knows kung fu? Bueno.

– Fun fact: Spike said “everybody” at one point. Do you think they might be dropping the use of ”everypony?” I mean, they can, and both “everybody” and “everyone” seem sufficiently universal.

– “Good boy, Angel. Momma’s so proud.” Creepiest line in the episode, possibly in the whole series. Just off-putting.

– Meanie Shy with a lot of zingers, I think she needs to tap into that more often

-Why wouldn’t DisQord put the Elements where they can easily be found? They’re useless. “Necklace, necklace, necklace, and big crown thingy . . . Congratulations Spike, you’re the new Rainbow Dash!” I can’t help but think that “What if Rainbow Dash finds out I’ve been impersonating her?” Had a really funny line written for Spike to say after that, but it got cut because it was too inappropriate.

– The episodes with Q in Voyager suck

-Seriously…WHERE THE HELL IS LUNA?! I’m seriously starting to think she died shortly after coming back and is only going to appear in flashbacks…oh…now I’m sad.

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