How to sell Ads on your Website

How to set up OIOPublisher and sell Ads on your website

For someone just starting out, applying advertising to your website can be intimidating and challenging. I will provide you with a simple tutorial that I wish others had given to me when I was getting things up and running. It would have saved me hours of time and made me money as soon as I started getting traffic on my site.
Google Adsense vs. Selling your own Ad Space

I’m sure you have seen or used Google Adsense, a powerful advertising tool that has the potential to make you hundreds or thousands of dollars a month. unless your website is drawing 10,000+ hits a day, you probably won’t be making that kind of money until you increase your traffic.
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It’s cool having some kind of income from your website, but wouldn’t you like to make more? When you look at your website do you like what type of advertisements Google displays? Do you wish you could control what kind of advertisements are on your website so you could gear them toward your readers interests? Perhaps you would like to cut Google out altogether since Google Adsense is simply a middle man between you and the advertiser. There is a way to do all this and more and I will show you how.

How to setup OIOPublisher Step by Step

A program I use called OIOPublisher allows me to control my ad space, make money directly from advertisers, and choose how much I charge the advertiser for each space. The way it works is simple and I’ll talk you through how to obtain and use the program step by step.

Step 1: Purchase OIOPublisher (link below)

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Step 2: Follow the instructions OIOPublisher gives you and register your business on their marketplace for extra marketing potential!

Step 3: After everything is set up and installed you will be anxious to get set up but take your time and look at each area of OIOPublisher so you can become familiar with the different areas and what each does!

OIOPublisher – The 3 Most Used Panels:

OIOP­ub­lisher: Con­fig­ure all of your OIOP­ub­lisher set­tings (API key, enable/disable, alerts, etc.)
Set­tings: This is where you add any Ad Zones for any form of adver­tis­ing you want (text, ban­ner, inline, posts) and also con­fig­ure some other things such as your form of pay­ment, and email tem­plates for when some­one uses the system.
Pur­chases: A detailed archive of every sin­gle pur­chase made with the sys­tem, as well as pend­ing ads.


OIOPublisher – 5 Different Forms of Advertising:

Text Ads:Sell links on your blog.
Ban­ner Ads: Can be any shape or size. Image ads like side­bar ads (those 125×125 ads you see every­where) are what you can con­trol here.
Inline Ads: Put ads inside of your posts auto­mat­i­cally. You have the abil­ity to choose between RSS Feed, Video or Image Ad.
Post Ads: This allows you to sell reviews. Not to be con­fused with Inline Ads.
Cus­tom Pur­chases:If you have a prod­uct you want to sell, you can auto­mat­i­cally set options in here that will allow some­one who has bought some­thing to be able to down­load a ZIP file.


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