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My gaming time is often limited and that means that while I normally pick up all the hot new games as soon as they are released, I routinely let them sit in my account for a few weeks or months before I even get to try them. When I do get a few hours to play, I then have a choice of a wide range of stuff that I’ve accumulated. In this environment, I find a few gems to which I continually return. Shadowrun Dragonfall is one of those gems.

What makes Dragonfall so worthy of my limited gaming time?

For me, the ease of playing a full scenario or mission fits perfectly into my schedule. While the full story can run for a 20-30 hour period, each mission can typically be tackled in just a few hours. Each mission has a unique story that melds well with the overall story and the choices you make in them help shape the overall personality and feel of your main character. It reminds me of a play session of D&D or the pen-and-paper Shadowrun RPG. After each mission, you can also interact with your team of shadowrunners to get their thoughts on the mission and uncover more of their backstory. The combat in the missions seems well balanced and presents a wide variety of foes and obstacles to overcome. I do find myself using a lot of the same tactics, but it manages to hold my interest.


  • Brilliantly captures the feel of the pen-and-paper game
  • The writing in Dragonfall is more engaging than the first Shadowrun Returns game
  • The other shadowrunners on your team have interesting backstories to explore
  • Each character class receives great opportunities to shine. For instance, hackers have more things to hack into. There are more magical nodes to tap into as well.
  • Small, engaging subplots are easy to play through in a few hours
  • Turn-based tactical combat done well


  • If you don’t start a run with a balanced party, you may feel like you are missing out on parts of the mission
  • Replay is probably limited unless you want to try running as a solo character or different main characters
  • Skip this if you don’t like turn-based combat systems

Hackng Run

Making a hacking run in Shadowrun Dragonfall

Cyber Loadout

Cyber Loadout


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