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What kind of character did you create on Skyrim?  What skills have you honed?  What does your character look like?

As a long time advocate and hard core fan of the Elder Scrolls saga I have devoted considerable NERD TREK resources to covering SKYRIM.  Delving into the game was something I had been awaiting for quite some time.

Now that I have spent significant time in the world of Skyrim, I would like to share my character Kwusiel with you.


Khajiit Level 30


Three Highest Skills:
Stealth 100
Lockpicking 100
Archery 65

Weapon of Choice:  Glass Bow of Shocks

Spell of Choice:  Healing

Magical Item of Choice:  Glass Bow of Shocks

Attitude:  “If you fight for good I will not kill you… unless you find yourself between me and my quarry.”

Style of Play:  20% Wandering / 40% Quests / 40% Monster Hunter

Brief History:  Kwusiel is Dovahkiin (Dragonborn) and although he accepts his chosen path he prefers to keep his options open.

In the past Kwusiel has slain entire contingents of guards and bandits stationed at remote forts in Skyrim just to test his skill in stealth and archery.

After encountering groups of giants and woolly mammoths in the wilderness, Kwusiel became addicted to tackling impossible combat challenges using physical terrain to his advantage.  After many days of training he can now take down a group of mammoths and giants single handed without much trouble.

Dragon attacks no longer shake up Kwusiel and he has come to anticipate, even enjoy the roar of the great circling wyrm above.

Future plans:  Seek out, join, and eventually become guildmaster of the Thieves Guild & Dark Brotherhood


Please take the time to share an image and description of your unique Skyrim character with all of us at NERD TREK!


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