Siege Conference: A Starting Point for New Game Developers

Game developers have always had a hard time getting their games funded by investors.  Today a brand new convention launches that seeks to bridge that gap, Siegecon.  Andrew Greenberg is the mastermind behind Siegecon which stands for Southern Interactive Entertainment & Game Expo.  Greenberg is a game designer of both pen-and-paper role-playing games and computer games.  He was one of White Wolf’s original developers on Vampire: The Masquerade (1991), particularly the famous supplement Chicago by Night which many credit with setting the tone for the Vampire books that followed.   After years with White Wolf, he joined Holistic Design, Inc. (HDI) where he worked on computer games like Emperor of the Fading Suns and Mall Tycoon. He is also co-creator of the Fading Suns (1996) RPG with Bill Bridges.  In addition, he helped found the Mythic Imagination Institute and is co-chair of the Mythic Journeys convention. In 2007, he began teaching video game design classes at the Art Institute of Atlanta.

Siege is a NON-Profit Trade Association and was set up with the purpose of introducing the capital advisors and new gaming developers.  Before the conference starts, many new gaming developers submit a proposal stating why they should have continued support for the game they wish to develop.

What is really exciting about this year’s conference is this college fair will have over 1000 registered high school attendees.  These attendees will obtain contact with some major hitters in the video game world.  EA COO Richard Hilleman, Serious Games Initiative co-founder Ben Sawyer, EA Senior Vice President Richard Taylor and others on the future of Serious games will be the panels.

The conference starts today: October 7, 2011.  If you can’t make this convention, the GDC conference in San Francisco (March), or PAX in Seattle (Aug) are great opportunities for game creators to get their name out there.


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