Silver Crescent Publishing Launches Realms of Twilight Kickstarter for the Pathfinder RPG


Welcome my friends, to the world of Relistan, a place where great nobility is displayed by the lowest of peasants, alongside the most horrifying savagery ever witnessed by even the eldest of races. The legends of these lands are many, for the time of the ancients has long since passed. And only now, thousands of years after the Eternal Eclipse, has civilization begun to reclaim small parts of this brutal world. Great kingdoms have risen from the ashes, only to fall into decay once more, leaving countless ruins of once proud cities scattered across the Realms. Welcome to a land where nobility and savagery are a hair’s breadth apart. Welcome, to the Realms of Twilight…

Book CoverSilver Crescent publishing brings us a Kickstarter for an epic Pathfinder campaign setting. Steeped in legend and ancient history their world will keep your players busy for years to come. From stunning artwork to maps by Jen page and legends from Ed Greenwood himself, this is one Kickstarter you don’t want to miss!

One of the exciting things about their Kickstarter is the multitude of options for backers to help shape the world of Relistan, not only will you have the option of receiving the beautifully rendered campaign book itself, but also the ability to decide what shape your rewards take, from creature submissions to spells and mixtures or just a general sharing of ideas on their Facebook page it’s nice to know they care what we want to see. Additionally they are preparing a unique Kickstarter exclusive adventure that will allow gamers to post their own outcomes and choices on their forums and shape the future the rest of the adventure path takes. As you can see below there’s more than enough loot to go around and the breathtaking artwork alone makes this one worth backing!

  • Signed and unsigned print and PDF copies of the Realms of Twilight Campaign Setting as well as several side adventures
  • Signed 16″ x 20″ prints of the world map by Jen Page
  • PDF rewards by both Total Party Kill Games and the Four Horsemen
  • Custom adventures for your own personal party
  • Submission options for characters, spells, and mixtures for their very own creation the Combat Alchemist
  • Bookmarks and Art prints
  • Winters Queen exclusive prequel adventure
  • And more

They’re even giving away a custom miniature terrain from Custom Fantasy Terrain on their Facebook page to one lucky backer of the Kickstarter!

Head on over, check it out, and don’t forget to share!


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