Skylanders Giants


This review was written by Jonathan Nerdtrek’s son Justice Danger.  Justice is 10 years old and loves playing both video games and tabletop games.

Skylanders Giants is an awesome game.

I love how you can use these giant skylanders that are way bigger than the regular skylanders. The abilities for the giants are awesome, you can just walk into crates and chompies and they will be destroyed or killed. They can also pick up huge boulders and throw them out of the way. Another thing the giants can do is, you know when you had to try to get a bomb and get it to the wall? Well, now you can just use any attack on it with a giant and the wall will fall down, or you can get the bomb and throw it at the wall. There are also whole new skylanders like jet-vac, shroomboom, chill, and sprocket, those are just a few of the new ones.

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Another thing that is cool is that you can play with your friends or play against them in battle mode. Also, there are lightcore skylanders that light up on the portal of power which is just totally awesome. I was really happy that I could use my old skylanders in the new game. So, on a scale of 1-5 I would give this game 4.5 stars. GREAT JOB ACTIVISION!!!!! Love it.

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