SKYLINE finally proves stupid people are attracted to shiny things. [SPOILERS]


Since I first saw the SKYLINE trailers, with the vacuous twisters of human bodies being sucked into the air by giant insectoid space ships, I have been ravenously awaiting it’s release. Was this the next District 9? Sadly not. My review follows.


Vagina mouthed octopus aliens attack Earth with shiny lights to steal our brains so they can swap them into their heads. That is not a joke.

The movie is shot entirely from the point of view of a small group of people who are rudely awakened by invading aliens whilst trying to sleep off a sexy party full of sin and rampant indulgence. They end up in the heart of the action, marooned in a sky-rise pent house, and flip flop back and forth between hiding and fleeing. The characters are easy to dislike, especially the female lead, and I became extremely impatient with the sad attempt at character development. Also note that you are signing up for a generous helping of soap opera John and Marsha bullshit between the male and female leads. Speaking of the male lead, his character is dumb as a rock, yet somehow his brain is supposed to be special and un-claimable for consumption. I was not sold on this rather important plot point. The cliffhanger ending is uninspired and a little out of left field.

The effects are hands down the crown of the movie, and likely the reason you’ll end up finishing the film if you see it. Not much to speak of in the blood department, but they still earned my approval with the brain swapping concept which you see in detail towards the end of the movie. Creature effects are great, alien design is also great. Action scenes are decent but not on the level of District 9 or Avatar.

Body count is high considering the small cast, with only 1 of the main characters truly surviving to the end. Definitely could have used some more mayhem in the streets though.

Only pay for this movie if you are an effects junkie and are just watching for the solid CGI. I recommend hitting the bar before the show.

Despite the numerous flaws, you can’t condemn Skyline for not being progressive. This is the first time since 9-11 a movie has shown a plane crash into a building.

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