Is Skynet Already Online? 4 Computers that Could Usurp the Human Race


Super computers can take over the world. It sounds like a line from a science fiction movie, but it just might be possible for these computers on steroids to usurp the human race. Discover at least four computers that should have you shaking in your boots.

Skynet Super Computer


Image via Flickr by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

In true Google fashion, they bought the Skynet quantum computer from D-Wave. As a second generation super computer, the abilities of this computer would literally blow your human mind. The entire premise of Skynet is it is a computer that can think for itself. With its own superpower, the computer’s job is to then set out to teach other computers how to learn and think for themselves. The learning process gives computers the ability to recognize spoken and visual commands and then act on these commands. Combined with today’s extensive network connectivity and the proliferation of satellite internet, this computer’s potential is frighteningly unlimited.



The Not-So-Elementary Watson

jeopardy_supercomputer_ibm_watsonWatson is another supercomputer designed by IBM to learn from its own right and wrong decisions. It too has its own set of intuitive thought processes. This can be recognized by many as artificial intelligence, and those people would be right. Watson’s claim to fame is its ability to beat two Jeopardy champions in answering complex questions. Along with obvious government uses, it’s expected to help doctors and other medical professionals find answers to complex medical questions. Its next logical step, however, could be on the battlefield, helping the General to make strategic battle decisions.



Generalized Integrated Learning Architecture (GILA)

Go this way or go that way. That is not the only function of GILA, which is an air traffic controller of sorts. GILA not only assesses the blips on a screen to help manage traffic in the great big sky, but it also gathers information from various sources that human air traffic controllers don’t have the time to access and evaluate while making directive decisions. GILA uses situational examples, manuals and flight controllers before sending out directions. It is a subject expert computer—focusing solely on air traffic control. Is it possible that this computer can replace human air traffic controllers in the near future?



The Blue Brain Project


Image via Flickr by Saad Faruque

When talking about computers taking over the human race, the one that should scare you the most is the Blue Brain Project. This computer is literally a copy of the human brain. Its creator is programming the computer to not only think, but also to feel. Right now, the Swiss scientist that created the brain is only able to replicate the brain one molecule at a time, but it doesn’t mean that eventually he or someone who takes over his work won’t be able to complete the project.

The reality of Terminator-like computers taking over the world suddenly doesn’t seem so far-fetched now. The next time a new co-worker takes over one of your projects, you might just wonder if its human or machine.

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