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It’s here, the E3 footage of my most heavily anticipated game this decade- The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Instead of beating around the bush let’s cut right to the chase and check it out.

So many websites blather on about their feelings and opinions regarding this game. I think those who choose to play such an open ended game are intelligent, creative people who can think for themselves. Thus, I present the Skyrim video footage, Skyrim facts, Skyrim Screenshots, and finally a bad ass Skyrim background for your computer desktop! It’s everything you need and nothing you don’t, all in one place. Make sure you share this with your friends and follow NERD TREK on Facebook and Twitter.


  • Your character will learn the acient language of the dragons.  The phrases can include up to three words and are mostly found inscribed on dungeon walls.  The phrases will allow you to do certain things such as slow down time, knock back foes, and more.
  • The phrases are mapped to the right bumper/R1 and you’ll learn one word at a time for each phrase.  Learning more words within the phrase will allow the spell to be either more powerful or longer.
  • Finishing moves will be available for your characters in battle.  The article describes a finishing move where you plunge “your saber through a foe’s chest”.
  • Telekinesis will be an available spell, allowing those of you who are rather lazy the ability to pick up items or objects to launch at your enemies.
  • Runes can be cast and used as traps.  The article describes a situation where you can throw a frost rune to the ground, and if an enemy walks across it, pieces of ice will impale them.
  • A perk is available that gives your enemies deeper cuts.  A strategy talked about is simply hitting your opponent with a solid strike, then hiding as they slowly bleed to death.
  • Around 80 different spells will be featured in the game.
  • If you find yourself below average at using weapons, you should still be able to survive in combat using offensive and defensive magic.’
  • The two handed mechanic Bethesda introduces in Skyrim for fighting will remind a ton of gamers of the BioShock series.
  • If you happen to scale one of the many peaks in Skyrim, all of the snow you see is totally dynamic.
  • All of the established Elder Scrolls races will return in Skyrim.
  • The race you pick in the beginning will only effect your baseline stats, as what you actually do in the world with your combat, magic, and stealth will help shape your character instead.
  • The “perks” system will still allow you to make more direct changes to your character as well.  As opposed to Fallout, perks in Skyrim are on a much smaller scale.
  • Graphics engine for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is “all but written from scratch”.
  • Cities in Skyrim will all be unique, shying away from the reusing of assets we popularly saw in Oblivion.
  • There are 120 dungeons, with each one typically having its own feel.  Far more traps and puzzles are featured in them too.
  • While you may be able to avoid them at some points in your journey, you’re going to have to take dragons down at some point, and it won’t be an easy task.
  • Dragons aren’t scripted, they’ll cruise the entire world and occassionally land on different objects or areas.  Make one mad and it’ll swoop down to take you on.
  • New to Skyrim also is the “Radiant Story system”.  An example listed in the article is, “If you discard a weapon on the ground to free up inventory space, you might find that a nearby character approaches you.  If they like you, they might offer the sword back to you in case you dropped it by accident; if they’re neutral toward you, they might ask if they can have it; and if they dislike you, they might simply nab the weapon and take off.  Kill that character and the Radiant Story system will search for his or her relatives, and may even send one of them in pursuit of you to avenge the murder.”

Three new Dragon Shouts are described:

– “Yol Toor”: Fire Breath
– “Iiz Slen”: Ice Crystals
– “Strun Bah Qo”: Lightning Storm
– Slow Time
– Whirlwind Spirit (quickly move in one direction)

In combat, torches are now also able to be used as a weapon. The possible dual-wielding combinations are:

– Weapon and weapon
– Weapon and shield
– Weaon and torch
– Spell and weapon
– Spell and shield*
– Spell and torch*
– Torch and shield*
– Spell and Spell
– Two-handed weapon

*These aren’t mentioned, but it makes sense they’ll be in, too.

The random quests generated by the game’s Radiant Story-mechanic were inspired by the random encounters in Fallout 3. The people at Bethesda didn’t like how ‘fake’ some of the quests in Oblivion felt, and hope to make the ones in Skyrim feel more ‘real’.

There are 13 different types of ore to be used for your Crafting/Smithing skill.

There are 60.000 lines of recorded dialog in the game, with a lot more voice actors than in Oblivion or Fallout 3 (for reference: Fallout 3 had 40.000 recorded lines). Three new factions are also confirmed (alongside the Dark Brotherhood):

– The Thieves Guild
– The College of Winter Hold (for Mages)
– The Companions (for Warriors)

The stories told in these faction quest lines will be interwoven with one another, and with the main questline.

Each city in the world has an unique economy, which the player can sabotage, should they so desire. Cities are still patrolled by guards, but they’re no longer the omniscient killing machines they were in Oblivion. Bounties the player can incur are also no longer valid throughout the land: for instance, if you kill someone in Hold A, the guards in Hold B will not arrest you for it.

As for traversing the world, you get a few options. Horses are back, and according to the article actually handle like horses this time. The fast-travel system from Morrowind returns as well, with carriages able to transport you to all the major settlements in Skyrim right from the start. Oblivion’s fast-travel also returns, but only for locations you’ve already discovered.


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