Skyrim: A Home Run Hitter


The title of this article does not reflect upon the success of the game but, rather, it is a reference to a few glitches that I experienced while playing this magnificent piece of art.

Let me start off by saying that I have currently clocked in around 30 hours on Skyrim and I absolutely love it. The ability to wander such a vast map and enjoy all that it has to offer can feel overwhelming at times, but nonetheless it is an amazing experience to behold. Yet, an experience that comes with bugs along the way.

The "Babe" of Skyrim!


That’s right. Everyone’s favorite things about these games: glitches. Now I have read about some bad bugs that people have found, but to be honest I have yet to encounter any of them. I read that some people even had trouble with the game freezing on them and again, I’ve yet to experience that in 30 hours of play. Having said that, I have found a few bugs that were interesting to see. Only one of them frustrated me. So without further delay here is my very short list of glitches I’ve encountered: (I named each one to give an idea of what they do.)

 1.Home Run Hitter- This glitch is probably the funniest one out of the list. While fighting some Giants, one of them clubbed the hell out of me and I was literally launched into the air several hundred feet above Skyrim. Pros: I had an amazing bird’s eye view of the skyline. Cons: I died.

2. Ghost Walking- This isn’t really a glitch as much as it is a collision issue. Being able to walk through some dead enemies is kind of strange. Such as standing in the rib cage of a dead Dragon or standing inside of a Horker. The latter does show some promise for races though!

Time For Horker Races!

3. Not So Fast- At one point, the game would not allow me to sprint in first person point of view. I could sprint in third person, but first person seemed to be broken. I fixed it, however, by crouching and then standing back up. Voila! First person sprint worked.

4. Hey, Are You Busy?- When I approached Winterhold, a Dragon appeared and began terrorizing everyone. At one point it landed in front of me and began burning me with fire. Of course my health got low and just as I went to heal myself, some person from the town decided they wanted to initiate a conversation with me. I have no idea what they were talking about because I was trying to back out of the conversation. Needless to say, I got torched to death by the Dragon while some fool yapped about such and such item. Dragon 1… Idiot Townsman 0…

No Face Required

 5. Give Yourself Unto The Earth- While fighting some different enemies around Skyrim, I have encountered that all wonderful glitch that allows enemies to fall through the ground and into the abyss. Goodbye, loot… I guess!

6. Now You See Me, Now You Don’t- This glitch was actually discovered by a friend of mine. While trying on some new clothing, he noticed that the hood made his character’s face disappear. No more good looks!

These are just a few of the glitches that are possible to experience while playing this massive game. I am sure many who read this article have experienced many and varied glitches in their own right. I would love to hear what kinds of bugs many of you have encountered along your journeys in Skyrim! Oh, and one question: why don’t the chickens ever cluck on this game? Peace out!

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