Skyrim: Which Mods would you like to see?

Skyrim: Which Mods would you like to see?

I’ve been hearing a lot about the PC version of Skyrim lately. Mostly from people who wish to see the PC version in action, so they can be satisfied by the PC’s extra graphical glory upside the now outdating PS3 and Xbox 360.  I’ve also heard a lot of talk about possible mods for Skyrim.  Both of these subjects warrant attention, but I will only be addressing the latter since the first subject is a given. The PC version of Skyrim will look better than its console cohorts.

Mods, on the other hand, are not so black and white. Will there be mind blowing graphical mods? Sure. Will modders choose to create dragon mounts? Uh duh! Why wouldn’t they?!

With modding comes the sure fact that there will be literally thousands of useless mods to sift through in order to find the few good ones out there. A great example of this already exists in the mods that are readily available for Oblivion. There are literally thousands upon thousands of mods for Oblivion, yet only a small fraction of those are worth using. The rest are mostly regurgitations of existing ideas or are simply… stupid. The following are generalized categories of mods. Some are welcome and others, not so much.

First off, I’ll start with the categories of mods that I rather enjoyed in Oblivion and would welcome a variation of in Skyrim.

  1. Graphical enhancements.
    I rather enjoyed seeing Qarl’s Texture Pack on Oblivion. It brought a sense of extra artistic beauty to the game.
  2. Environmental.
    These types of mods can add an extra depth of immersion that may be missing from the game. I am not sure what kind of environmental mod would be implemented in Skyrim, though, since it already seems to have a greatly articulated environment.
  3. Unique player homes.
    If done correctly, these can be a great addition to the game. Oh, and they have to at least be buyable. (I don’t like free stuff.)
  4. New side quests/new dungeons.
    I love seeing a new side quest or dungeon that is challenging and results in a good reward.
  5. Character enhancements.
    I always welcome new ways to make my character look even better and more unique!
  6. New original equipment.
    Nothing pleases me more than finding a new piece of equipment that gives me an edge over my enemies! Especially if that piece of equipment is entirely original, but still manages to fit within the lore of Elder Scrolls.
  7. Dragon Mounts.
    I’ll be honest and say that I’m not interested in seeing an Akatosh mount again, but I am very eager to see what kinds of mods will be created using the dragons of Skyrim!


Now, for the list of mod ideas I don’t want to see, but already know will exist in the near future.

  1. Equipment from other games.
    What do I mean? It’s simple really. I don’t want to see equipment from World of Warcraft or Star Wars showing up in Skyrim mods. If you want to play WoW, then go play it! If you want Star Wars then go play Star Wars games. That goes for any equipment mod that isn’t true to the lore of Elder Scrolls.
  2. Creatures from other games.
    Believe what you may, but Balrogs are not part of Elder Scrolls!
  3. Famous/game characters.
    It just makes no sense to be wandering around and then bam! You run into a character that looks suspiciously like Jack Sparrow or Altair. They aren’t needed. Get rid of them.
  4. Item color redux.
    There’s no reason to have several versions of the same item, and in different colors. One color is good enough. And one version of the item is good enough too.
  5. Easily found items.
    Items should be bought or found hiding in the depths of some dungeon. They don’t need to be strewn about on the ground in one location like so many mods were in Oblivion. Imperial Market District anyone?
  6. God Items.
    Whenever you find any item that is ridiculously strong, it really takes away from the balance of the game. I actually enjoy having to battle my opponents. Yes, 1-hit kills and insane defense make for a boring game!
  7. New races.
    What’s wrong with races we already have? I’d rather see mods that enhance and perfect the races of Elder Scrolls, then to see a bunch of Japanese anime races make a debut in Skyrim. Also, we don’t need a bunch of different elven races. Three is enough.
  8. Ridiculous player homes.
    Can anyone explain to me why someone would create a player home for an Elder Scrolls game and then decorate it with sofas, lamps, sinks, toilets, and a refrigerator? I’m perplexed as to how anyone could see that as enhancing the core game in any way!
  9. Sexual mods.
    There is no need to make fully nude characters! Nor is there a need to have them perform acts of fornication. Elder Scrolls is a video game. Not pornographic art. And to those who create these mods, stop playing video games so much and get a girlfriend or boyfriend!
  10. Game overhauls.
    I know I might be fighting a losing battle on this one, but hear me out. Game overhauls completely alter a game into something it wasn’t meant to be. Enjoy the game for what it is before you morph it into an Elder Scrolls-esque experience!


I know the above bad ideas will indeed come to fruition someday as they have in the past. When that day comes, I’ll be cursing at my computer screen and wondering how absurd one’s life has to be in order to see these as improvements for a game. In the meantime, I’ll be anxiously awaiting Skyrim’s release like so many other people and I’ll be hoping for the best as far as future mods are concerned!

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