SKYRIM: Which race should I choose?


When choosing your race on Skyrim you should consider what class you want to be later on.  Although Skyrim moves away from the class based system of previous Elder Scrolls releases, your race will still put you on the fast track toward specific disciplines.  For example, if I want to focus on stealth and rogue-like abilities an Argonian or Kajiit might be good selections.  If I wanted to create a burly warrior either an Orc or Redguard would be a good choice.

When deciding what race you will choose when starting Skyrim refer to this chart.  By looking at the skill bonuses each race starts with you will be better equipped to begin character creation in the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Race Male Female Home Province Abilities/Powers Initial Skill Bonuses
(High Elves)
Summerset Isle
Argonian Black Marsh
(Wood Elves)
Breton High Rock
(Dark Elves)
Imperial Cyrodiil
  • Imperial Luck
  • Power: Voice of the Emperor
Khajiit Elsweyr
  • Claw Attacks
  • Power: Eye of Night
Nord Skyrim
  • Power: Berserk
Redguard Hammerfell

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