Skyrim torrent leaked for Xbox 360 prior to launch!

I’m going to turn this into an opinion piece in 2 seconds flat.

In the past if I stumbled upon a torrent on Piratebay for the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim I would have jumped at the chance to get an early start.  I mean, I’ve been waiting for this game ever since Oblivion.  I have watched every single trailer, drooled over the giant dragon at PAX Prime, even got to play it for 2 hours while the guys interviewed Art Director Matt Carofano.  But I’m not going to download it.  Why not?  For the same reason hundreds of other Piratebay users are refusing to download.  WE LOVE BETHESDA.

The forum at the Skyrim torrent on Piratebay has gone wild with arguments, accusations, and most of all steadfast support for Bethesda from a crew usually bent on the downfall of all major media.

In a time where any game, song, or movie can be downloaded in less than an hour to your computer, it is still a choice.  That choice is either to support or steal from a company which has spent thousands of hours crafting a masterpiece.  With a spiraling world economy, is now the time to steal from those who provide you with your entertainment?  Those who provide the temporary escape from the wretched unemployment and discontent?  Todd Howard may get a huge paycheck, but I guarantee you: he’s no rockstar or greedy politician (nor does he get paid as much).  He’s a nerd.  He’s one of us, and he gets paid well because he does a damn good job.  Just like all the people who pulled all-nighters at Bethesda getting Skyrim primed and honed for the light of day (or the dark of night!)

My question to you:  Given the chance of a FREE early start at Skyrim or a long wait with stalwart patience, WHICH WILL YOU CHOOSE?

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