Slow Internet?

I have been experiencing some horrible load times for websites lately.  Wordpress takes forever to load when updating posts or modifying any content, webpages hang when loading, and Facebook has all kinds of weird issues that I thought were related to their servers and coding.

It turns out my internet connection was the culprit.  I ran numerous speed tests available for free on the internet and found that my cable internet was transmitting data slower than DSL!  I immediately called Comcast who reset my modem to it’s original firmware and then removed 2 firewall settings that were blocking or slowing specific packets.

Immediately after they performed this my speeds increased!  I thought I would share this information with those of you who too have been ripping their hair out trying to figure out why their internet was moving as slow as the IRS tax returns.  I’m back surfing online like a maniac without waiting for websites to load and getting irritated when I had to wait 30 seconds for a post to update on WordPress.


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