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After over a year of dedicated  revision, organizing the creation of scores of beautifully illustrated artworks, playtesting brand new material to accompany the tome and dozens of other uplifting duties, Rise of the Drow is heading out of’s hands and on the way to the printers!


Looking ahead to the future, is ready to hit the ground running once last year’s enormously successful Kickstarter reaches fruition. The video is prepared, the images are in, and the numbers have all been run—SNOW WHITE is the next big thing on’s plate!
Get ready to hear more about what’s in store for this next premium hardcover book across the week before the Kickstarter launches on Friday, March 14th (and get onto the Facebook page to stay ahead of the pack)! I’ve got a privileged view of everything from behind closed doors and have to admit, even the most frugal gamer is going to be hard pressed to pass up this fantastic project.

First of all, it’s one of industry pro-rater Endzeitgeist’s Top Ten RPG Products of 2013, so the quality of the original material is a matter already decided. The classic fairy tale we all know has been brilliantly reworked by Jonathan G. Nelson, Stephen Yeardley and Will Myers into an engaging and sublime adventure that absolutely delights.

Just as did with the previous Kickstarter, Snow White is going to get the treatment from the lion’s share of today’s most popular and innovative game designers, artists and cartographers. Mates Laurentiu, Tommi Salama, Jen Page, Christina Stiles, Owen Stephens, and a plethora of other talented professionals are all either on board for the fully-funded project (which has a day-one-attainable minimum funding goal!) or have content due when it reaches the dozens of impressive stretch goals.

The scope of the premium hardback is equally impressive; what was once an excellent adventure module is getting expanded into a full-blown setting book, filled to the brim with the same sort of subtle twist to the classic fantasy, providing a rich and intriguing world for players and GMs to explore. With the sorts of prodigal artists attached to the project, it’s absolutely something you don’t want to miss.

If you aren’t excited yet, keep your ear to the ground—word will be getting around of exactly what you can expect to see when the Kickstarter drops next friday (March 14th!) and if these tidbits haven’t activated your gamer senses, don’t worry because what’s coming is sure to do the trick. is ready to outdo themselves with a project that is destined to go down into RPG history as one of the most memorable and worthwhile products to ever see the tabletop—save yourself some regret and make sure you’re part of it.

-Mike Myler



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