How social media ruined the final Harry Potter movie for me

Don’t worry I’m not going to be a jerk and post any spoilers here- this article is spoiler free.

I wish I could say the same about my Facebook account.  It’s been infected by horrible worm like monsters which burst from the fetid earth of the internet like starved hounds.  They plow through my Facebook status stream splashing parasitic infected water in the form of movie reviews and spoilers.  I live in an isolated jungle village and when I hear them coming I grab what I can and run for higher ground.  I like to listen to the Chili Pepper’s version of the Stevie Wonder song to get my feet moving to the music.  That gives me the drive needed to get the nine hells out of the jungle and into the safe wilderness of calm temperate mountains with alpine vistas.

“What the hell are you talking about?” you ask?

I know, it’s a terrible analogy spawned from my ever right sided brain.  It has a basis in fact though.  Recently when I logged into Facebook I noticed people posting status updates about the new Harry Potter movie.  They weren’t just sharing how much they liked it or how close it was to the book.  No, they felt the need to divulge major spoilers about the film such as who dies and what happens with major characters. This was not an isolated incident either, everywhere I looked people were posting their thoughts on the death of this or that character.  Beware: Rant Ahead! Are you serious?  Have you lost your minds?  Do you care not for those of us who cannot attend opening night of the FINAL FILM IN THE SERIES?

I would never read the last book in a hugely popular series and then post the ending on my Facebook status.  How and why would someone do this?  Why would they think it was OK?

At first my reaction was to post a blanket statement as my Facebook status to all the poop-eaters who thought it was OK to ruin the movie for the rest of us.  Then I decided against it, two wrongs really don’t make a right so I would post on my NERD TREK blog and reference it on Facebook so those who wish to take the time to listen to my ranting and raving could do so at their leisure.

Here’s my message to you “spoiler worms” on social networks:

I’m never going to watch the last Harry Potter because everyone who felt like sharing ruined it for me.

When I go to see a movie I want to be surprised.   I refuse to even watch the trailers lest I see something which could ruin the suspense.  I like to enjoy a movie the way the producers and writers intended it.  It’s the artist in me that craves the suspense, the struggle, the fulfillment.

If you dumped a bunch of details (spoilers) on your Facebook status you took away my enjoyment of the movie without asking.  I have tried to avoid them, but there are so many it has become impossible.

How would you feel if you saw your bank account username & password posted on Facebook?  That feeling you just got in the pit of your stomach is the same I got when I saw a status update stating that _______ dies in the final movie.

Have some consideration for the other people in this world and keep your comments to yourself until everyone has seen the movie.  If you MUST talk about it on Facebook simply do so via private message or chat.  Those options are available to you, so use them!



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