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Socom, a franchise synonymous with frantic action and tense stealth gameplay, released its newest title, Socom 4, for the Playstation 3. Having been a long standing fan of the series, (even one that was released for the Psp) I had high hopes and higher expectations. Luckily for me and anyone else who cares to play it, I wasn’t disappointed. As in previous Socom titles, you head a team of elite operatives trying to save the world from utter destruction by various individuals. But luckily, the world has you and your team here to put a bullet in their collective heads to thwart whatever plans they had. Level design is pretty standard fair for a war game, lush jungles, ancient ruins, bunkers and buildings. Even though the scenery is kind of been there done that, it never feels bland. The action is dealt in intense waves (kind of like tides of the ocean), and there is a sense of fighting overwhelming odds throughout. If the action sections don’t quite do it for you, then the stealth areas probably will. I found myself, literally, holding my breath at certain points of the game thinking I was about to be discovered by the enemy.  The stealth action is great, though it definitely gets frustrating sometimes. I found myself getting detected at times even when sniping enemies at long distance. Also, the AI would get all worked up looking for me because I splattered someone’s brains out in front of them, only to lose interest and act like nothing happened 20 seconds later. I know I’m nit picking, but it needed to be said. Speaking of brain matter, it is awesome to see an enemy head explode through your scope as you place one between their eyes. I never got tired of doing that! Like I mentioned in another piece, I purchased the Full Deployment Edition, which included all of the motion controllers and Sharp shooter. Using the Sharp shooter was easy and intuitive. Bullets go where you want them, reloading is easy, and cycling through your weapons is quick, as well. Socom also has an online multiplayer part to it. Sadly, I haven’t been able to try it, since some asshole or group of assholes decided to hack a free service (PSN) and cause Sony to shut it down temporarily to repair/revamp the network and its security. Look for my addition to this review that will cover the multiplayer experience as soon as I can get online and cap people. To wrap it up,Socom 4 is more of the same great stuff we’ve come to expect from Zipper Interactive. Go get it! You won’t be disappointed!


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