Space Beer

When you’re chillin’ in outer space you have three problems.  First, your tongue swells up so it’s difficult to taste any of that pre-packaged stuff NASA calls food.  Second, your stomach doesn’t properly segregate  gases and liquids so your burps are noxious bubbles which float about the space cabin, and third- there’s no beer.  Even if there was beer you would not want to drink it due to the aforementioned faux pas (read: the pretty Russian girl doesn’t want your gut bubbles bursting all over her face.)

So, as space flight becomes more and more common- especially for rich hot shots who want to one-up their friends, the demand for certain products such as beer has skyrocketed.  (Pun totally intended.)  A company in Australia has found a way to make space parties more socially acceptable and beer taste good again in zero gravity!  The Australian brew is called Vostok “4 Pines Stout” Space Beer and contains both high flavor and low carbonation.

The low carbonation will help reduce those nasty wet burps while in space.  It’s rich chocolate and caramel flavor will still assault your tongue despite the reduction in tasting capability.

The space beer came out of a cooperative effort between the 4 Pines Brewing Co. and space engineers at Saber Astronautics Australia.  They wish to target the filthy rich who will be blundering around aimlessly in space soon flying with private suborbital spaceflight operators such as Virgin Galactic.

This beer isn’t earmarked only for those who like to party in space, you too can have a cold one on Earth!  Food retailers in Australia already have the beer available as well as select local pubs.  Perhaps you will see it at your local alehouse soon enough.

Believe it or not the manufacturer actually ran a test with a microgravity researcher aboard zero-gravity parabolic flights in February 2011.  During the flights, the researcher drank six 150-ml samples of the beer and was monitored for skin temp, heart rate, and alcohol absorption.  The tests proved a huge success because the researcher experienced zero wet burps in zero gravity and thus was still able to get his “space moves on” and convince that cute Russian blonde to party with him.

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