How to speed up iPhone 3g running iOS4

Have you noticed since installing iOS 4 that your iPhone 3G or 3Gs slowed to a horrific crawl? I was going crazy tearing my hair out waiting to access information and check my email on my iPhone. Sometimes by the time I was able to access the information I was looking for it was too late. It felt like I was using a new OS on an old computer, which essentially I was. The new iOS4 was really designed for the new iPhone 4 and although functional on the older models it is FAR from efficient. The iPhone without it’s efficiency defeats the purpose of even possessing one.

After playing around with the settings I have finally figured out the solution to this problem. Here is what you can do to speed your phone back up and regain functionality.

  1. Go into Settings->General->Spotlight Search-> and deselect everything on this menu
  2. Disable any backgrounds or special effects you have running.  Although all those cool custom themes you can obtain in Cydia make your phone look pretty sweet, they really waste a lot of CPU power on junk you simply don’t need.  You’re the one using the phone, would you rather have functionality or fancy graphics?
  3. Do a hard reset of the phone by holding down BOTH the Power and Home buttons until the screen turns off completely.  Now wait for a couple minutes and turn it back on by holding the Power button on top of the iPhone.

After this you should be able to power your phone back on and access your apps with incredible speed.  If you are still experiencing a slow phone try disabling or removing any extras you have installed via Cydia and do another hard reboot.  You should be seeing a difference now and if not it’s probably a dying iPhone and needs to be replaced.
Hope this helps you!

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