Spiderman on Broadway


My Spidey sense is tingling because Spiderman has come to Broadway!

SPIDER-MAN Turn Off The Dark is Directed by Julie Taymor with new music and lyrics by Bono and The Edge.

Stan Lee and Steve Ditko’s classic Spider-Man comic created in 1962 portrayed our first teenage nerd hero who gets bitten by a radioactive spider and gains super powers. Spider-Man first appeared in Amazing Fantasy #15 (august 1962). Spiderman’s creators carefully crafted Peter Parker as the true hero and Spiderman as Peter’s disguise. Peter Parker was conceived as an orphan, raised by his Aunt May and Uncle Ben. Growing up as a teenager and having to deal with the normal struggles of day to day life as well as his role of Spider-Man as a costumed crime fighter. Spider-Man has super human strength, is able to cling to most surfaces, and react to danger using his “spider-sense”.  In addition to his powers, Peter Parker designed his own spider webs that he could shoot out of his arm which he called “web-shooters”.

Before the 1962 Spider-Man/Peter Parker hero appeared, teenagers in comic books were usually neglected or relegated to the role of “sidekick”. The Spider-Man comic book was groundbreaking in that it had to deal with teenager problems such as rejection, inadequacy, loneliness, and love of which teenagers of the time could relate. This made Spider-Man a huge success as teenagers finally had a role-model who was going through the same things that they were.

After 3 great Spider-Man films on the big screen, the Spider-Man comic book has now been adopted to Broadway in Spider-Man’s great city of New York!

Sunday November 28th was opening night and the crowd that packed the house wished they had stayed home. The shoddy multi-million dollar production saw members of the cast dangling helplessly over the crowd, running out of the way of falling equipment, and falling off the stage. What a huge embarrassment not only to the Foxwoods Theatre, but to the cast, Bono & the Edge, the $65 million they spent, and of course- the great Stan Lee.

Perhaps it was just a terrible start, but the reviews from last night point Spider-Man Broadway in the same direction as Spider-Man 4 & 5, straight to the guillotine.

Well, at least we still have the Spider-Man comics and movies.
*Opens a Spider-Man comic and kicks feet up upon table as a telling smirk spreads across his face*

SPIDER-MAN Turn Off The Dark is open at Broadway’s Foxwoods Theatre (213 West 42nd Street)

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