How to stop Pandora ads

While listening to Pandora, those ads can sometimes be really annoying, repetitive, and disruptive to your vibe.  Here’s how to skip them.

Before everyone freaks out and accuses me of circumventing a service which ultimately benefits an artist let me say three things:

1.  My old band Los Burbanks is on Pandora under “Burbanks” and I’ve never received any income despite having a significant number of plays.

2.  Artists that are dead like Beethoven & Bach receive no royalties and never did to begin with.  Most artists die poor men (most still do).  The people making the money are the middlemen and businessmen of the world, not the people who make the music. (Aside from a handful of sell outs on the radio who are young and successful enough to outlive their major label contracts.)

3.  The ads they serve have nothing to do with me and are super repetitive.  How many times do I need to here about diamonds when I’m listening to Operation Ivy?  Does that even make sense? Someday when Pandora serves up less disruptive ads I’ll remove this article.


How to skip Pandora ads:

To skip any ad simply hit F5 twice (refresh) while on the Pandora page.  This will refresh their page and jump directly into the next song.  You can also use this to circumvent their limitations on the number of skips per day.


Listen to Pandora over the 40 hour limit:

1.  In your Home directory, open Library > Preferences > Macromedia > Flash Player > #SharedObjects
2.  You’ll find a bunch of directories in here with various randomly generated names like JZK819C3P and H8R1ZK19M, etc – these are basically cookies for Flash Player and if you don’t mind losing other settings elsewhere, you can delete all these folders to reset your Pandora music limit, but if you’d rather preserve other settings and just reset Pandora, read on…
3.  In the Finder window Search Box, type “pandora” and then select the folder “Macromedia” as your search directory rather than ‘This Mac’
4. Delete just these files/folders, they’re usually labeled pandora,, and

1.  Navigate to C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects
Replace “USERNAME” with your user name
2.  Same as above, there will be a bunch of random folder names, you can delete them all, or just the ones containing ‘pandora’ in the name
3.  Now navigate to C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\\support\flashplayer\sys
4.  Find the folder named ‘’ and delete it, or just delete all the files
5.  Finally, navigate to C:\Documents and Settings\USER\Cookies and delete everything labeled ‘pandora’

Your Pandora limit is now reset and you have another 40 hours to listen!  Pandora is a really great service and despite the fact that the labels make most of the money and pass 2.7% on to the artists it’s still good to give back if you can.  Think about it next time you find yourself deleting cookies.


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