A Strange World

When I dream at night I am blessed with visions of a strange world.  While I am sure I am viewing an advanced technology, I am still unsure what time I am observing.  Was it sometime in the distant past or a vision of the future?  I may never know.  Regardless, this is what I see:

As I walk down the streets I see vehicles passing me by that seem to glide on invisible tracks.  With nothing underneath them, these tear-shaped vehicles smoothly, quickly move past me without making a sound. 

The roads are made of a soft, almost silicon substance.  Many people walk on the streets with their bare feet because the molecular composition allows for rigid strength while adjusting to a person’s weight, thus creating the effect of the pavement barely softening and sinking in to offer both comfort and support.

The infrastructure around me is transparent, yet highly durable.  Far more advanced than the most fortified glass, the transparent structure allows the viewer to look inside and outside.  It is my theory that whatever civilization lives in this environment does not mind sharing their lives with others.  While some structures including stores, shops and even homes are mostly see-through, a few of the buildings are slightly shaded, thus revealing only shapes and not specific features of their occupants.

Lastly, the people that walk amongst these roads are dressed in loose robes, much like ancient Greeks in Earth’s past.  They rarely speak to each other with tongue but instead speak through some other form of communication unknown to me.  While I don’t know how they speak to each other, I am strongly convinced all the people are of one collective mind.  Since there was no crime I witnessed, I saw no enforcers of the law.  Instead, I believe all the citizens were both civilian and enforcers of the law.  It leads me to believe there is no crime because its entire people created, upheld and enforced the law with no bias. 

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About Manny Garza

After serving 8 years in the U.S. Army as an Intelligence Analyst, Manny departed the military in order to pursue his B.A. in Philosophy from American Military University. Aside from college, he writes short stories and essays in the realm of philosophy and science fiction. Manny's short stories are heavily influenced by who he refers to as The Trinity: Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, and Jack Williamson. He is married to his lovely wife, Melissa, and has two dogs named Koopa and Goomba. Aside from being an editor and contributor of Nerd Trek articles, his hobbies include playing guitar, singing, and both tabletop and video game RPGs. Manny currently lives in Charlottesville, VA.