TekkoShodown – A Real-Time Massively Multiplayer CCG


This weekend I’m a press guest of Pittsburghs #1 anime convention—Tekkocon!

The events began tonight and continue through Sunday, running the gamut from LARPs to movie showings to card games and everything in between. Every staff member I’ve met thus far has been wonderfully helpful and they’ve really put together a top-notch crew for this year’s convention, held down at the waterfront in the spacious David L. Lawrence Convention Center.


Later this week we’ll have more about the convention—a solid rundown of the video game tournaments, interviews with celebrity guests, and some of the story behind the formation of the magnificent 2014 gathering—but in doing the rounds today I found something that people need to know about immediately: TekkoShodown.

After introducing myself to the gaming staff and scouting out the layout, I started talking to what I thought were the collectible card game folks—an assumption that was only partly wrong. Greg Mirles and Brian Hagan gave me a quick explanation of what their part of Tekkocon was all about, and I was floored.

TekkoShodown is a collectible card game unlike any I’d heard of before, a synthesis of roleplaying and social interaction that we could all use a dose of.

It’s a real-time convention-wide experience; you walk around as a Hero or Villain and literally pick fights by throwing down the proverbial gauntlet—leveling up with new equipment, or evolving from a slime (or other creature) into a greater monster (eventually, the Tekkodragon)!

Was that not amazing enough? Because it gets better:
Tekkoshodown is FREE TO PLAY!

Tekko (1)Tekko (3)How they released two sets of this incredible concept for free is beyond me, but it’s happened. Right now they’re running an extremely modest Kickstarter (with a funding goal of only $2,500) to get the third edition put together.


If a weekend of running around a gaggle of like-minded gamers to thrown down cards—getting that next enchanted sword or coveted evolution as your reward when you level up—sounds like something you want to exist, you should head to their page and donate (or if you’re in Pittsburgh, come Downtown and attend the convention to play now!)

Keep an eye on NERD TREK for more coverage of Tekkocon 2014 in the weeks to come!

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