The Coolest Vintage Cthulhu Toys that Never Were

The Coolest Vintage Cthulhu Toys that Never Were

Upstart toy company Warpo invites you to take a trip back in time with them to find vintage toy lines that never existed!

Their first line, Legends of Cthulhu is based on the works of H.P. Lovecraft with styling from the late 70s and early 80s. You can check out their amazing figures and their awesomely 80’s style TV commercial on their Kickstarter page here.

On Monday, they unveiled their latest stretch goals; an action figure based on H.P. Lovecraft himself called “The Author” and an incredible 12” Great Old One: Cthulhu.


“Many properties have taken inspiration from Lovecraft’s mythos including The Real Ghost Busters and Hellboy but none have been exclusively Lovecraft,” said Warpo co-owner Eric LeFeber. “One of the reasons we created Legends of Cthulhu was to finally give Lovecraft his due so an action figure based on him seemed very appropriate. As far as the 12” Cthulhu, he was part of our line-up from the beginning but in order to be able to manufacture him, we needed to see a massive show of support from fans. The cost of doing such a large piece is incredibly expensive so if you haven’t already, please pledge and share the link as much as they can so we can wake him from his long slumber and bring him to you.”


Unlike other “retro” toy lines, Warpo has gone to great lengths to re-create an authentically vintage experience from the designs to the sculpting and the packaging. To assist with creating this experience, they enlisted toy industry veterans who work working in that era to bring their unique insights to the figures. Their sculptor, Eddy Mosqueda sculpted classic figures from the Masters of the Universe line like King Hisss and Rokkon as well as numerous Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures. The package artwork was painted by the master Ken Kelly who gave us the amazing paintings on the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons figures as well as Micronauts and the infamously monstrous Manglors.  Together, Warpo and these amazing artists crafted a line of toys that is authentically 80’s, right down the vinyl cape on the Cultist.

The basic pledge level or “THE CULTIST LEVEL” includes;

1)      The Professor with gun and Cthulhu Idol accessories

2)      The Spawn of Cthulhu with Necronomicon accessory

3)      The Deep One with Spear accessory

4)      The Cultist with Staff and Dagger accessories

In addition, those who pledge at the Cultist Level or higher will also receive two FREE EXCLUSIVE stretch goals that have already been unlocked:

5)      Conjured Cthulhu (A translucent green figure)

6)      The High Priest (One of the leaders of the Cult of Cthulhu)


With little more than 13 days to the end of the Kickstarter, now is your chance to get these figures and help them unlock the first of the Great Old Ones! Check out their Kickstarter here and learn more about Warpo here .



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