Is Mark Zuckerberg a jerk or nerd hero?

The Social Network movie portrayed Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg as a pretentious yet intelligent, self-centered jerk. Or did it? As society begins to speed up in terms of information, travel, media, love, music, and everything in between we try to keep pace. Most of my friends are like me and are able to talk a million miles an hour about a subject and then change gears without so much as a blink and start jabbering about another subject completely. On top of this we all think we are know-it-alls and sometimes are. We don’t want to wait for information. Think about the last time you spoke with a person that took their sweet time to say something. How much patience did you exercise? Were you polite to the person? Were you sincere about being polite? People ages 18-25 interviewed say they found a lot of things in common with Mark Zuckerberg while only a select few 26-35 year olds agreed with his impatient and demeaning attitude.

I signed up for Facebook a few years ago when everyone seemed to be migrating away from Myspace over to this new social network. I found Facebook a great way to keep in touch with friends and family. At first I was on the website only once a day, but as time went on I noticed that the more time I spent in a virtual life the less time I spent in my actual real life. I was socializing less and not likely to sign up for outings. I preferred to get my dose of social life off a server stored somewhere in Wisconsin or New Zealand. After seeing this movie I was both disgusted and amused with Mark Zuckerberg’s behavior. Perhaps it was his complete disregard for the rules of society which generated my amusement, or maybe it was his honesty when speaking with people that I have in common. Whatever it was, it made the movie an enjoyable viewing experience for me. I did get irritated with his lack of loyalty to his old friend who stood with him through thick and thin and provided him with the start up cash for his business. Who would screw over his own best friend? Mark Zuckerburg apparently.

Now that Facebook is here to stay, what are the long term implications of having a social network that everybody and their brother are on? (and sister, mother, father, grandmother, best friend, co-workers, girl they met last night, and fifth cousin removed.). All of us “Facebookers” have had that moment where we go to post something and then rethink things. Wait, not only will my friends and family see this, but so will my co-workers and business contacts. Thing is, we are already sharing a plethora of personal information just by being on Facebook. Not only that, but our information is being shared with 3rd party companies for the purpose of showing advertising that is geared towards us. Do you ever find it ironic that you are willingly sharing all of your personal information in return for a virtual social experience while the socially awkward Mark Zuckerberg rakes in BILLIONS? I think it’s time we ask Mr. Zuckerberg for a little piece of the action! Isn’t it only fair that we get the revenue generated through advertising for own page? If Zuckerberg already made Billions, I’m sure he can give back a little. We could start our own group on Facebook demanding 80% of all advertising for our individual pages and get everyone to sign up. If Mark decides he doesn’t want to pay us we can leave and start our own social network. Surely I jest? Well, if enough of you are game, lets reclaim what’s rightfully ours! Our personal/virtual lives which we willingly handed over to the most socially inept person on the planet will be ours again!

How has Facebook changed your life? Has your opinion of Facebook changed since viewing the Social Network movie?


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