The World’s First 3D Virtual Tabletop for iOS and Android

3d-virtual-tabletop-skeletal-dragon-in-dungeon1024x768The clock is ticking down along with your chance to get in on an incredibly useful VTT program.  The 3D Virtual Tabletop by Brendon Duncan was developed with tablet and smart phone users in mind and allows you to play your favorite tabletop board or role-playing games right on your mobile device.  Of course you can also play in person using the software as a useful and clean way to organize, display, and utilize your collection of virtual maps and miniatures.  Players can join in directly from their device, moving their miniatures or icons around in a 3D virtual environment.

After hitting every stretch goal thus far, the add-ons planned for the software are considerable.  This is your last chance to get in on this Kickstarter as it closes its doors in just 2 days.


What is 3D Virtual Tabletop?

It is a virtual tabletop application that allows you to play pen & paper roleplaying games, as well as strategy/board games with others, as you would sitting around a real table, limited only by your imagination. It can be used on iPad, iPhone and Android devices.  Update: Now available in your web browser on Windows and Mac thanks to achieving the stretch goal.

3D Virtual Tabletop is about recreating the physical experience of using miniatures or tokens on a map.

Other virtual tabletops today look nothing like this simulation. They leave your poor character defined by what the top of their head looks like. What’s more exciting? A full-body view where you can see a character’s pose as they stand up to fight and stare down their enemies! Don’t you want to see the ogre or dragon towering above your party, so that you can more fully experience what they’e going through?

Now, for the first time ever, you can use a virtual tabletop that looks and feels like the real thing.

Play games like Pathfinder, Dungeons & Dragons, Savage Worlds, Rolemaster Classic, Castles & Crusades or Call of Cthulhu. Maps and miniature portraits are easy to add from anywhere, even for use with BattleTech or other tactical combat games.


What makes 3D Virtual Tabletop special?

The first thing that puts 3D Virtual Tabletop ahead of the pack is its faithful visual representation of the physical items on the tabletop, be it an RPG map or a board game layout. The virtual miniatures look almost exactly like the real “pawn” style minis, a piece of printed card slotted into a plastic base.

It’s really easy to zoom in and out and manipulate the map to see it from any angle, from top-down to over your character’s shoulder. Using the intuitive touchscreen to rotate, pivot and zoom makes navigating a dream.

3D Virtual Tabletop improves on all the existing alternatives as a native mobile app. This allows it to look amazing and incorporate the touchscreen. Because it’s running on your tablet or mobile, it doesn’t hide you from your friends around the table and takes up much less space – more room for snacks!


Current features include:

  • Import your own maps and miniatures from photos on the device.
  • Set the size of a miniature when you import it.
  • Pinch-to-zoom on the map to get an overview or focus close in on the action.
  • View the tabletop from any angle, from top-down to over your character’s shoulder.
  • Minis change to a flat token when viewed from above.
  • CROSS-PLATFORM SHARING. Share the tabletop in real-time with other devices, including between iOS and Android.
  • CUSTOMISED ACCOUNTS. Log in (with Google+) so that your own maps and minis that you bring in will be available on all of your devices.
  • SQUARE AND HEX-GRID COMPATIBLE. Turn off snapping to the square grid to allow freestyle placement, including use with hex grids.
  • MAP AND MINIATURE MARKETPLACE. A wide variety of maps and miniatures to instantly include in your game.  Along with 12 free maps already provided by Dramascape and 150 free minis, you’ll find high quality paid content from, Battle! Studio and Lord Zsezse Works.  Back this project at the $9 Swordmaster level or more and you’ll also have 24 additional minis from the Deck of Legends Kickstarter that recently finished.  Modiphius Entertainment, the creators of the massively successful 2,000% funded Achtung! Cthulhu Kickstarter will be offering maps and minis in the marketplace too.
  • Turn on/off grid overlay (Will work with different colored maps)
  • Miniatures automatically turn to face the camera (You can turn this on/off)
  • Rotation buttons for precise and easy orientation of minis
  • Zoom and positioning of miniature picture when importing
  • Automatic miniature numbering
  • Silhouette shape for miniature card
  • Map and miniature searching and organising
  • Loading and Saving of Scenarios / Encounters
  • Hidden miniatures
  • Zoom of map and grid when importing
  • Condition markers
  • Guest Account
  • Available in web browser on Windows and Mac
  • Line of sight & 3D Terrain
  • Hex grid
  • Rangefinding
  • Group movement
  • Ruler when dragging miniatures without grid
  • Edit imported maps & miniatures
  • Count squares/hexes when moving
  • Miniature naming
  • Undo miniature movement
  • Glowing miniatures in different colors
  • Elevations for flying miniatures
  • Track if a miniature has been moved
  • Snap miniature orientation to grid
  • Clear all miniatures
  • Dice rolling


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